‘Call of Duty’ trailer reveals secret URL leading to Texas Chainsaw website

Texas Chainsaw website via Call of Duty

The Call of Duty franchise is rolling out a new event, which will celebrate Halloween.

In signaling this event, which officially started on Oct. 20, a trailer is released giving an insight of what’s to come in the impending campaign, as well as a rather secret URL that leads to an interesting website.

Dubbed the “Haunting of Verdansk,” the event will see Call of Duty’s initial seasonal crossover with both the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Jigsaw. Both horror franchises that come with their own unique scare, particularly Billy the Puppet and Leatherface.

Exclusive Texas Chainsaw massacre contents

With a special interest in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre tie-up, the game will see exclusive content coming from the franchise. Particularly, the Leatherface skin for Velikan and a bespoke weapon, the “Family Heirloom” LMG. The latter of which will be of special interest to players for its unique approach to a shooting weapon, one that sees transformation in functionality akin to a chainsaw.

But there is also no denying of the amusement that comes with “scaring” opponents in the battlefield while wearing a rather “washed out” visage of Leatherface. Going by the name alone, you get the drill. The effect, however, goes both ways, not just one, especially when vis-a-vis to a scary fellow.

Players can themselves be put in a state of fright, seeing a Leatherface-wearing player abruptly appearing out of nowhere. Worse, still, from the dark. Bringing the scare factor to its height, some modes in the game will be featured specifically in a dark setting.

This essentially highlights two of the players’ most fright-inducing elements—seeing terrible-looking people with guns and the shade of night time.

An upcoming movie sequel

But more than just a choice of terror for the impending Halloween, the choice for tying up with the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise comes with another purpose.

It appears that there is an upcoming sequel to the original 1974 horror flick currently in the works. Pointing to this fact, at least to those who did not know initially, is a rather secretive URL that shows in flashes during the Haunting of Verdansk trailer.

Aside from leading keen-eyed viewers to the site—https://texaschainsaw.com—to inform about the 2021 movie, the website also comes with its own surprise. By going through the rather ominous short presentation, visitors will be given a link to leave an email address.

Many would choose to do so to get up-to-date with the film. However, more importantly, people will do so to get a freebie, which is a skin unique to the event.

Image used courtesy of Texas Chainsaw

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