‘Call of Duty Warzone’: All vehicles removed after glitch

Battle royales undergo regular maintenance to keep things fresh and to remove any issues or bugs. In Call of Duty Warzone, the developers were forced to remove all of the vehicles in the game because of a game-breaking bug.

The vehicles in Call of Duty Warzone are crucial in every way. Aside from using it to get inside the ring fast, it can also be used to hunt down or run away from opponents. However, players are unlikely to see vehicles for awhile after Infinity Ward made some major changes to the battle royale.

Game breaking vehicle bug

According to recent reports, a major bug was found in the game. The bug occurs when players use a vehicle and get to any point on the map. This causes the servers to crash and kicking every player in a game off of it. Obviously, it was a bug that can ruin experiences in the game. Seeing that vehicles are a crucial part of the game, it was important for Infinity Ward to find a temporary fix fast.

While working on a new patch to sort out the issue, the developer has decided to remove all of the vehicles for now. No timeframe has been given by the developers yet, but it’s likely that the vehicles will be back within this week.

What to do now?

A lot of players use vehicles as a part of their key strategy in Call of Duty Warzone. All vehicles being removed means that some players may have to adjust their strategy for now.

For players that use vehicles to get to the circle as quickly as possible, the alternative would be to simply get ahead of the ring on time. As much as possible, players shouldn’t linger outside the safe zone for now, as there will be no vehicles for a quick getaway.

As Infinity Ward is already working on a quick fix to the bug, we might be seeing the return of the vehicles soon. This isn’t the first time that there’s a game-breaking bug in the battle royale, so Infinity Ward should already know what to do.

Call of Duty Warzone isn’t safe from bugs and issues. As the game gets regular patches, players should expect that there will be new bugs that will come along with the updates every once in a while. The good news is that the developers are always fast to act.

Image used courtesy of Call of Duty/YouTube

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