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‘Call of Duty Warzone’ on PC now requires two factor authentication


Call of Duty Warzone players on the PC will need to set-up two-factor authentication in order to play the game, Infinity Ward confirms.

As Call of Duty Warzone becomes popular, its PC version has been exposed to cheats and exploits. This is the same reason why fans recommended shutting down the game’s cross-play feature.

While Infinity Ward has always been trying to address the issue, it seems like hackers have no plan in stopping any time soon. Now, the developers have announced that it is implementing two-factor authentication on PC.

Fighting hackers

Infinity Ward, Call of Duty’s developers, revealed the news on their Twitter account yesterday. While the news seems simple enough, not everyone will have to set two-factor authentication on the platform.

The developers made it clear that the authentication will utilize SMS messages which mean players will need a smartphone.

Two-factor authentication is a security feature which delivers a code to a cellphone number when a certain account is logged in a new device. This is a simple way for publishers and developers to validate a user’s identity.

This is a great way of preventing hackers from accessing accounts even if they have the username and password. It can also stop banned cheaters from making new accounts over and over again.

Only for PC users

The new feature released by Infinity Ward only affects people playing Call of Duty Warzone on the PC. This means players who are playing the full version of Call of Duty Modern Warfare are not required to setup the security feature.

Additionally, the developers mentioned that the authentication is only for new players. Players who have already set up their accounts in the past will also be not required to take this step.

The authentication will not be implemented on the PlayStation and Xbox since these consoles already have their own two-factor authentication to protect them.

How to enable

The new two-factor authentication is only required for new Call of Duty Warzone players. However, existing players can opt to add the security feature to add an additional layer of protection from hackers.

To enable the feature:

  1. Enter the website
  2. Choose Blizzard Authenticator
  3. Choose Mobile Authenticator
  4. Enter phone number
  5. Enter a one-time pin each time the account is logged into a new device.

The two-factor authentication is Activision’s latest tactic in its fight against Call of Duty Warzone cheater and hackers.

Last month, developers started pitching cheaters together in one match. It might be quite a learning experience playing Call of Duty Warzone with 150 other cheaters.

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