‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ players are dropping guns for dirt bike races

Call of Duty: Warzone season 4 trailer

An assembly of Call of Duty: Warzone players have chosen to drop their guns in favor of dirt bike racing.

Activision’s take on the Battle Royale genre has made Call of Duty: Warzone to easily become a rockstar. Previously, it is a genre dominated only by a select few titles, that followed the footsteps taken by PUBG. The success of which mostly boils down to the tried-and-tested formula that kickstarted a phenomenon and even its own genre. For the competitive of spirits, this means winning any match, whether doing it solo or with a team of stalwart allies.

Racing Out of Boredom

But as even good things tend to become stale over time, so is a game like Warzone which inevitably inhabits bored players. So worn out, in fact, that they would choose to entertain themselves differently in-game to ease the mundanity in the game. In the case of a ragtag of blasé COD: Warzone players, it involves opting to ditch the shooting for some dirt bike racing.

Sharing it on Reddit, user MrCabbage shows what a bunch of genuinely disinterested players can do in-game. In the video, it shows four unique players who managed to snag their own set of wheels and were ready to race it out on the dirt track.

As any Warzone player could expect, there’s no firm guideline that oversees the race. Everything is completely under the discretion of each “racer,” which means that anything really goes. Even if that meant getting an unfair head start from everybody else from the beginning.

Clunky Mechanics

If the quality of graphics alone defines a racing game, then Warzone’s as good as any modern racing title. But the game’s mechanics and physics engine are clearly up for fine-tuning. Which, unsurprisingly, led to nobody in the race able to hold a stable velocity across a pre-set track.

Unable to maintain a steady race, the racing bunch subsequently finds themselves deviating from the race track into the main road. But as luck would have it, they’d eventually encounter opposing players who are more than keen in shooting as they stride.

Not willing to give up the match without a fight, the crew then fled for cover and safety. However, as the classic saying goes, “you can run, but you cannot hide”. So, too, were the disengaged players who’d find themselves overran by opponents after a temporary respite at hiding.

Call of Duty: Warzone’s season 4 introduced with it a slew of new features, including the ability to ride motorbikes.

Image used courtesy of Call of Duty/YouTube Screenshot

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