‘Call of Duty Warzone’ players report strange howling noises

Call of Duty Warzone players are reportedly hearing strange noises in the game. Rumors say that something big is looming inside Verdansk.

Players who have spent hours in Call of Duty Warzone are discovering a lot of mysterious sounds and objects since the game was released in March.

There are laptops that require unknown passwords, telephones ringing, locked underground facilities and keycards leading to nowhere.These signs are enough to let players think that developers might be building something big.

Verdansk open world map is a mysterious place where the battle royale takes place. It is also the location of strange oddities in the game. Recently, players are saying that they are hearing strange howling noises at different areas across the map.

Where are the strange noises

A Warzone player who heard strange noises posted the video on his Youtube channel. According to reports, the strange howling noises have been heard as early as March.

This implies that the noises have been there since the game’s launch. However, more players are hearing the strange noises that it isn’t considered as a rare incidence anymore.

The howling noises, probably from wolves, can be heard at the Prison, Dam and Quarry. These specific locations comprise three of the four corners of the map Verdansk.

As of this moment, it is still unclear what these creepy howling noises indicate since the developers haven’t addressed the issue yet.

What do the noises mean

Most Call of Duty Warzone players think that the noises could be related to the hidden underground facilities in the game.

Players who have encountered the howls believe that they seem to come from the ground. This could mean Infinity Ward is building a new play area inside Verdansk.

Some even say that the howls could hint the arrival of zombies. However, this is doubtful since their other rivals have already implemented the brain eaters in their game.

Others theorized that the howling could be related to a Call of Duty Modern Warfare villain named Omar “The Wolf” Sulaman coming back from the dead. In addition, there is a map of Verdansk posted on the official website of Call of Duty where multiple areas were labeled as “classified”.

Looking at the videos, these “classified” areas are closely located to areas where there are howlings reported. Maybe the Call of Duty Warzone’s underground facilities may open soon and something or someone will come out of it.

Featured image courtesy of iGamesNews/Website Screenshot

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