‘Call of Duty Warzone’ teases 200-player modes

Since launching last March, Call of Duty Warzone has become one of the fastest-growing battle royales out there, and Activision’s devotion to adding new features is partly to thank for the success. It seems like the developers are looking to up the ante further as it hints at something major through the game.

Every season of Call of Duty Warzone adds new weapons, skins, modes, and even features to the game. In the current season, we’ll be getting Juggernaut Royale and Realism modes, which are exciting ways to enjoy the game.

If players think those modes are grand, then they should be very excited about what’s to come to the game as some teases suggest that more players will be able to duke it out in a single game.

200-player modes possibly coming

Currently, players can enjoy two game modes from Call of Duty Modern Warfare, even if they only own the battle royale component. This freebie is a great way for players to enjoy the game. However, some eagle-eyed players noticed something weird about the message that players receive upon trying out the two modes.

The in-game message is a simple introduction to the features of the available modes. If players look closely, however, they can see that the message also shows that there are modes like 200BR, PLunder 200, and the BR Juggernaut, which is coming to season 4.

This is basically a confirmation of Activision’s statement before that it will introduce 200-player game modes to the battle royale. The only question left to ask now is when those modes will arrive. With the in-game message, it’s safe to say that those anticipated modes might arrive during the fourth season of Call of Duty Warzone.

What to expect from 200-player battle royales?

By dropping in 200 players on the map, players can expect a more chaotic game mode on Call of Duty’s battle royale. Regardless of what mode the players are trying out, 200-man battle royales mean that they have to change their approach and strategy as well. With such a huge number of players on the map, ambushes are more than likely to happen.

Call of Duty Warzone is only getting better with each addition to the game. The idea of going up against 190+ other players and coming out on top is an exciting venture that we’re sure a majority of the player base are excited for.


Image used courtesy of Call of Duty/YouTube

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