‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ Twitch streamer banned from tournament for cheating

Call of Duty: Warzone Verdansk '84 trailer snapshot

A partnered streamer from Twitch has been banned from Call of Duty: Warzone following a cheating attempt during a tournament.

Yesterday rolled out the Twitch Rivals whose aim was to pit various European streamers in a custom Warzone game for a grand prize. Set at a prize pool of $75,000, many participants are dead set in bringing their best in order to bag the massive reward. But the offer seems tempting enough that one streamer chose to cheat by using an aimbot, vying to be its winner. Only because he did not think he’d be caught for it—although, it did.

Caught Red-handed

Coming from a tweet by eSports figure Jake Lucky, it shows a participant named Davskar in an odd killing streak. More apparently, in how he takes out every opponent via a headshot, sometimes in means that borders the impossible. Most suspicious of all is in how he managed to take out an entire squad with a perfect record of all-headshots.

To the unaware, such a feat might seem to be a paragon of great shooting skill. One which some might take as something born from a combination of experience and talent, all in perfect harmony. But those who are aware of how an aimbot works know too well that such a capability is, in most cases, beyond human. It’s more, like, something which a faster and more capable machine can enact by simply following an algorithm.


Not condoning the illicit action, Charlie Intel reports that Davskar was immediately banned, following the release of the footage to the public. Furthermore, and rightly so, the cheater was also kicked out from the tournament as a result.

Davskar is not the only high-profile individual caught cheating in the game, however. Just recently, another streamer was caught using a slightly different tool called “soft aimbot”. Unlike an aimbot, a soft aimbot functions in a way that guarantees a hit by skewing bullets toward a target. This means that even without a perfect aim, the shooter makes a guaranteed hit. In a way, it is just as bad as the traditional aimbot and one which is as likely to result to a corrupt competition.

More Controversy

In an equally controversial note, Twitch Rivals caught people’s attention when a certain participant was barred from the competition. That is, simply for allegedly wanting to mimic Dr. Disrespect in a complete cosplay fashion during the competition. Meaning, by wearing a fake wig, sunglasses, and mustache, resembling the internet figure.

Image used courtesy of Call of Duty/YouTube Screenshot

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