‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ vehicles temporarily disabled due to game-breaking bug

Call of Duty: Warzone gameplay snapshot

Due to a bug that sees everyone’s gameplay session crashing, Infinity Ward is temporarily excluding all vehicles in every match, which is identified to cause the glitch.

Call of Duty: Warzone was never a flawless game from the start. With many bugs that come in various effects, the game has a rocky start. While some of these problems have been addressed through subsequent patches, others are trickier to fix. This latest bug that is plaguing the game is perhaps the worst yet.

Disastrous Glitch

The glitch occurs when players are onboard a vehicle and who also happens to be out of bounds—consequently causing the timer to stop and the game crashing a few seconds later as a result. The crashing part, however, doesn’t just affect the player aboard the vehicle, but also everyone who is on the match—breaking for everyone in the game, even if it’s a fault of just a single player.

Acknowledging the serious nature of the bug, Infinity Ward was quick to respond to the case. But instead of resolving the issue head-on, the developer has decided to remove the cause of the glitch—vehicles, temporarily.

Although the quick fix does make sense, it’s not without repercussion in-game. Knowing Verdansk and how vast the map is, vehicles play pivotal role as a means of transport in the game. To play the map on foot would be wildly inconvenient for everyone in a match.

That is not to mention that cutting off vehicles in the game would be synonymous to ditching one of its coolest features. Which, alternatively, can also be employed for tactical purposes that could potentially result in winning the game.

And, in case you’re into hilarity, you will also occasionally come across quirks in-game that are facilitated via vehicles. Typically, instances when the game’s physics poorly manages to kick in, which results in a fiasco.

Just a Temporary Fix

But, then again, choosing to rid the game of the cause of the game-breaking glitch is indeed the way to go. This is a far better option than having people randomly or deliberately crashing game sessions due to a known bug. This is a case that can lead to abuse and possibly ruin the experience for everyone.

Infinity Ward did not state for how long the temporary fix will last, however. Here is to hoping that the developers would be fast enough to rectify the issue entirely.

Image used courtesy of Eight Thoughts/YouTube Screenshot

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