‘Call of the Sea’ devs show new explainer for upcoming PC adventure


Call of the Sea is coming on Xbox and PC soon. In the recent Future Games Show, the devs from Out of the Blue Games broke the trailer apart.

Call of the Sea was one of the superb head turners at the last Xbox presentation. The first person puzzle adventure follows Nora, a woman going into the unknown.

This search comes in rescue for her husband, missing from a recent expedition. The game brings players back to the 1930s in a thrilling, story-focused work of mystery.

Visit 1930s South Pacific and solve puzzles unlike anything before

CotS brings players to the 1930s South Pacific, then a savage land with tribals and unexplored forests. In the recent showcase, studio co-founder Tatiana Delgado talks about the trailer. She breaks the entire trailer down and guides players into the mindset that made the game possible.

The game, if players can derive it from the name, received inspiration from H.P Lovecraft. Games like Stirring Abyss and Call of Cthulhu, embrace their horror roots. CotS disentangles itself from the scary cosmic horror.

Instead, the dev team is driving the inspiration towards adventure. The game focuses on Nora, voiced by stellar Firewatch voice actress Cissy Jones. Even if the game is a puzzle game, Delgado notes that it’s there to move the narrative forward.

Some of the puzzles will be authentic ways of traversing technology in that era. Others will be the usual “lost civilization” style puzzles a la Tomb Raider and Uncharted. Not only is the story superb, but the world is satisfying too.

CotS is a beautiful, mysterious world full of wonder and discovery

The world of Call of the Sea is beautiful, bordering picturesque. The world is lush, full of mystery at every corner of the frame. The art being used matches what players can expect for a first-person mystery adventure.

The premise of the game is intriguing too. The island where Nora drops into looks like it has healing properties. Nora was feeling ill right before she drops into the island but heals instantly once she lands.

The island also has a massive cruise ship marooned on its shores. This ship can yield different types of answers that can solve where the husband is. The world is vivid but dark at the same time.

The CotS devs designed the game for players who want a little nuance into their games. Call of the Sea will come out on Steam for PC and is also available on Xbox.

Featured image courtesy of Raw Fury/Youtube Screenshots

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