Camilla Parker Bowles writing a memoir about Prince Charles, Princess Diana love triangle: Rumor

Camilla Parker Bowles writing a memoir about Prince Charles, Princess Diana love triangle: Rumor

Camilla Parker Bowles is, allegedly, ready to give her side of the story.

According to In Touch Weekly, Camilla Parker Bowles is the first member of the royal family to launch her book club.

The move was, reportedly, inspired by the warm reception that she received following the release of her reading list.

Camilla Parker Bowles book club will eventually lead to a memoir

Now, a source for the tabloid is alleging that Bowles launching her book club could eventually lead to her releasing a memoir.

“She can finally tell her side of the story. Though it would center around Camilla and Charles’ deep love for each other, she’ll give her side of the story about the triangle. Camilla has already spoken to publishers and put pen to paper during the lockdown,” the source said.

Prince Charles supports wife’s book club, upcoming memoir

According to the insider, Prince Charles is backing his wife’s memoir. But before Camilla could give her side of the story, she and Prince Charles first have to ask permission from Queen Elizabeth.

“To be honest, speaking about Diana was never part of Camilla’s original plan. But after more than three decades of being portrayed as the villain in the media, documentaries, and TV dramas like The Crown, she feels she needs to get her story out there. No matter how much effort she’s made to get the public on her side, she can’t catch a break,” the source said.

Princess Diana accused of destroying Camilla's reputation

Princess Diana accused of destroying Camilla’s reputation

The source added that Camilla thinks Princess Diana tried to destroy her reputation when she was still alive.

And the late royal, allegedly, went to great lengths to portray herself as the victim.

“Camilla could finally reveal her true intentions in the book. She could let people know she urged Charles to remain loyal to the queen and the crown and to do the right thing and marry Diana. She could explain that she sacrificed her own happiness because she thought it would protect the royal family,” the source said.

However, there’s one major problem to the tabloid’s claim about Camilla Parker Bowles. Prince Charles’ wife isn’t writing a memoir that will tackle her issues with Princess Diana and her relationship with her husband.

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