Campfire LTM for ‘Apex Legends’ detailed in new leak

LTMs or limited-time modes are always a fun way to shake up the ring in Apex Legends. As per some data miners, a new LTM is coming soon, and it’s going to be based around the concept of campfires.

A week ago, players discovered a few lines in the game’s code that point to a new mode called campfire. It seems like this LTM is going to launch in Apex Legends soon. Here’s everything that players have uncovered so far around the LTM, as well as their predictions about it.

More details about LTM revealed

Community data miner Shrugtal revealed more details about the upcoming LTM for the game. According to him, the LTM will arrive as part of the Lost Treasures collection event. With it, the Shadowfall playlist will also make a comeback for players that missed this mode can play it again.

While we’ve yet to know precisely when the LTM will drop, players speculate that it will arrive this week. This is because a lot of codes pertaining to the Campfire LTM is already within the game. From the look of things, it’s going to be a completely interesting mode.

What is Campfire LTM?

According to Shrugtal, there will be campfires around the map during the event. These will work similarly to the ones in Fortnite wherein players get their health and shield restored upon being nearby. He adds that the mode will have far less healing items like in Armed and Dangerous to force players to use the new feature.

Shrugtal also gives us a first look at the campfires in Apex Legends. They are basically like the Respawn Beacons. Players can easily spot the campfire from the distance as it will glow. Then on the map, it will be visible as well. According to the data miner, the mode could be playable in King’s Canyon at night.

Once this LTM arrives, players can expect a fun and unique way to enjoy the game. It’s most likely that players are going to have to fight for their right to stay on the campfires spread across the map.

Apex Legends has been busy as of late, and the new LTM is going to change things up even further. We might see this special mode get added pretty soon, so players should prepare for what’s to come in Campfires LTM. We’re expecting a lot of firefights around the campfires.

Image used courtesy of Apex Legends / EA Site

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