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Can a Macbook SE be as successful as the iPhone SE?


A Macbook SE is a lofty idea that can possibly attract former Macbook users that want the company to fill their computing needs.

Apple is fighting a two-way battle at the moment. On the one hand, it has to push the envelope to bring to the market the best and the most innovative products to use. However, in order to do that, they have to keep on raising the price tag. On the other hand, it also has to keep in mind that not everyone can afford their premium device.

As such, Apple has found a way to still serve the lower-end market, but at the same time, maintain its market equity. This strategy is what they call ‘SE.’ They’ve done the same for the iPhone, and they may do the same for the Apple Watch. What if they do the same for the Macbook? Will it be as enticing and successful as the iPhone?

Devin Coldewey from TechCrunch thinks so, but Apple will first have to listen to his points.

Macbook SE could re-attract former Apple users

It can’t be emphasized enough that the SE model on the iPhone sold like hotcakes in the market when it was released. There are two interpretations of this. First, Apple’s customers want to be in the Apple ecosystem with a lower door-ticket price. Second, their buyers like the older form factor of the iPhone 8, TouchID, 3.5mm jack, and all.

They can apply the same strategy on the Macbook Coldewey suggests. Since Apple went with ‘the thinner, the better’ mantra, some users have been alienated. Customers were forced to choose practicality over beautiful design. As such, some had to shift to other laptop brands, although the migration was difficult.

As such, Coldewey thinks that this is the right time for Apple to re-attract these forlorn users back to the fold. Anyway, they’re doing the same for the iPhone SE and the Apple Watch.

Strike while the iron is hot

Apple will make strides with the advent of the first Apple Silicon-powered Mac device this year. They promise super-powered laptops with their own proprietary chipset designs. Having their own chipsets could also mean that they can finally take control of the software and total hardware form factor without relying on Intel.

It also means that they can fully manage the models on these chipsets, similar to what Intel does. This is where it becomes interesting. They can scrimp on the high-end features that the regular Macbook Pros have. They don’t even have to make the Macbook SE similar to the Macbook Air.

All they have to do is to provide the versatility that the older Macbook’s form factor had, but still provide the smooth Apple experience. They just have to bring back the SD card reader, MagSafe power port, and a bunch of USB-A ports.

Yes, this will eat from the market of premium Apple laptops, but Apple may still stand to benefit from this strategy.

Image from Radek Grzybowski/Unsplash and Igor Miske/ Unsplash

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