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Can ‘Battlefield 6’ game surpass ‘Call of Duty Modern Warfare’


Battlefield 6 will launch on the next generation consoles. However, it will face competition against the best Call of Duty game ever made.

Electronic Arts’ announcement of the launch of Battlefield 6 next year has fans hyped for the next game in the franchise.

The game will be launched on the PlayStation 5 and  Xbox Series X but will face rough challenges ahead because of Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone.

EA’s biggest franchise games have already faced problems with its rivals in today’s console generation. Battlefield, one of its most triumphant and longest running game series, has not escaped criticisms and controversies.

Battlefield 6 will need serious upgrades to cope up with today’s trending shooting games.

High expectations

Battlefield 6’s reveal has generated a lot of hype despite the controversy of its depiction of World War 2. The game’s development team plans to release updates on the game based on how players would react.

Each update will focus on milestones which chronologically happened during the war. Theoretically, releasing regular updates will be a great idea. However, the real problems Battlefield 6 will probably face are stability problems and the rivalry which may get in the way of the game’s goals.

Andrew Wilson, EA’s CEO, says that delaying the game to a 2021 release means that they are preparing everything to dominate the competition. He promised they will aggressively address criticisms in order to make their fan base satisfied.

Weapon Customization

Call of Duty Modern Warfare made amazing adjustments on its class customizations. The game featured a wide array of customization on weapons and its attachments.

While this was new to Call of Duty games, it was very similar to Battlefield 3’s loadout customization which expanded in the latter games. Battlefield’s integration of weapon customization is the first of its time.

Call of Duty games didn’t have this feature as it only allows one attachment per weapon. However, what really differentiates Battlefield 6 from the Call of Duty games is its team composition.

Team Composition

A team’s composition or character classes in Call of Duty are rare. An average player will always prefer their favorite guns and attachments in Modern Warfare making match results inconsistent.

On the other hand, classes in Battlefield will suit particular archetypes which are made to focus on specific roles instead of allowing total freedom. Engineers can destroy enemy’s armors, medics support the squad, recon are more inclined as snipers and assault classes do the killing.

Each role serves their specific roles in the game. Meanwhile, Battlefield 6 will try to focus on making impressive team compositions but will never affect the success rate of a single match.

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