Can Boruto be the strongest ninja after Naruto weakens, Kurama’s demise?


Nobody can deny that Naruto Uzumaki is the strongest ninja in the world. However, after Kurama died and he lost a major ally in Boruto manga, it incredibly weakens his ability.

Does this mean Boruto will be now the strongest of them all? Kurama himself tells Naruto that he no longer has superhuman strength.

With this sudden change, it looks like Naruto will be passing the crown to his son.

Boruto’s abilities

The son of the seventh Hokage already has a lot of incredible abilities. He holds the karma seal, which lets him move around, increase his strength, and absorb Jutsu.

He also possesses Jougan’s eyes, which help him see the coming enemies and their chakra using space Jutsu.

In the future, he can use these two simultaneously to give him incredible strength, Duniaku noted.

It is also possible that Boruto obtains the Otsutsuki body. His Otsutsuki’s power level seems to be beyond what the ninja has.

The Karma seal owner who has undergone the Otsutsukification process up to 80% can be safely considered Otsutsuki bodies. If this is true, then he can now use the Otsutsuki more effectively.

Fans had also seen the potential of Boruto’s strength when he faced Boro, who turned to be nothing compared to his Boroshiki form.

Mastered powers

Boruto has mastered several powers before the Seventh Hokage. Though they significantly differ in training due to the different environments they have while growing up.

Naruto is said to be hateful as he grew up without any family and even had a hard time to make friends. On the other hand, Boruto has a strong support system at his back, per Inspired Traveler.

Boruto has obtained divine powers after he became Six Paths’ reborn sage. When Momoshiki printed his Karma on him, it started to work as a seal that held Otsutsuki’s DNA and gave him extraordinary abilities.

He can also use Soft Fist, which is his mother’s fighting style. Knowing Hinata is one of the most potent Hyuga, it is not far that he can get this ability from his mother.

In addition, he can combine and create new Jutsus. As the Seventh Hokage, he can develop several different techniques from the Shadow Clone Jutsu.

He can also summon powerful Jutsu, which he started to have after defeating the snake Garaga during the Mitsuki Disappearance arc.

Lastly, Boruto can create Rasegan Variants, which were infused with the lightning ability that let him attack surprisingly. This move can even make a giant form.

These abilities only hint at the incredible strength Boruto currently has.

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