Can Tesla’s Cybertruck float on water? CEO Elon Musk says ‘yes’ – sort of

Can Tesla's Cybertruck float on water? CEO Elon Musk says 'yes' - sort of

Tesla CEO Elon Musk pronounced in Twitter that its Cybertruck can even wade and stay afloat in water. For how long, however, this has to be further revealed.

Elon Musk, who is the co-founder of Tesla addressed the question of whether the electric vehicle can withstand water.

This concern is related to exposure of the vehicle when used in hunting or fishing, especially in crossing streams, rivers or even in flooded areas. While the CEO remained silent about the vehicle’s detailed features, he claims that the Cybertruck has floating features.

The Cybertruck wading capability

It can be recalled that the Tesla all-electric Cybertruck was launched in November of last year with a package of features. The company was proud to declare that the vehicle has specific features and capabilities.

One mentioned was its capability of a 500 – mile maximum range. However, the wading and floating features are new revelations.

Back in 2016, it can be recalled that the company’s Model S had escaped in a flooded tunnel, while it was used as a boat. This shows that Tesla has been taking advantage of lessons from the past and used these to improve the other future models.

The Cybertruck is a futuristic design that already carries an advanced and important selling feature.

Likewise, it was claimed that the Cybertruck is being positioned as a heavyweight and off-road vehicle. It is packed with improved air suspension that can adapt to higher and lower weights making it capable of camping and rugged areas. With this, it can even surpass other pick-up motor vehicles.

Tesla EV models now in its 1 million production

Other Tesla EV models have their capability range. As earlier as 2018, the company’s Roadster model was designed for a rocket engine as an option.

Musk emphasized that these rocket engines had contributed to improved speed, for braking and cornering. After several years of producing electric vehicles, the CEO revealed that the company has released into the market 1 million vehicles.

Despite the odds, including the stiff completion and Coronavirus pandemic, the company will continue to produce electric vehicles, with the Cybertruck at the forefront.

Other EV models in production are the sedan series, Model 3 and Model S. The SUV types are the Model X and Model Y.

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Image Courtesy of TESLA/Flickr

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