Can Vitamin C cure and prevent COVID-19?

As the world races to find a cure for COVID-19, some people are turning to alternative options like Vitamin C.

There are several stories circulating on many social media platforms that claim vitamin C can cure or prevent COVID-19. These claims have seen a surge lately as people are anxious to find a cure for the virus.

While there might be some medical sense into these claims, experts advise people to be careful. Experts say that people should not take medicines with doctor’s approval. They add that self-medication has the potential to do more harm than good if not done correctly.

Medical experts opinion

From the medical point of view, there are no substantial researchers that prove vitamin C can cure COVID-19. Moreover, taking high doses of these vitamins might result in an overdose. As such, it is best to ask for medical opinions first.

Some doctors claim that vitamin C can help keep the body healthy. In times like these, keeping a healthy body is important. Moreover, following social distancing methods are also fundamental in curbing the spreading of the virus.

Harvard School of Public Health Professor Dr. Walter Willett says:

“There is some reason to hypothesize that some vitamins and supplements could reduce the risk and severity of COVID-19 because of benefits seen for other viral or respiratory disease.”

Dr. Willett adds that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important in building a strong immune system. Nevertheless, following social distancing and frequent washing of hands are also just as effective.

Search for COVID-19 cure

As of this writing, there are a number of candidate vaccines that are undergoing clinical trials. Experts are rushing to find a cure or a vaccine to the virus, but they also want to do it properly.

Some medical experts are also using existing drugs in order to alleviate the symptoms of the virus. Due to the absence of a vaccine, some doctors are using a concoction of drugs to some degree of success.

As for the case of vitamin C, doctors agree that it has a small positive effect against the common cold. While thee vitamin can help alleviate the symptoms of the virus, it is not exactly a cure. Additionally, taking large amounts of the vitamin will have minimal effect in curing the virus.

As always, medical experts are advising people to be wary of what medications they take. As the world waits for a COVID-19 cure, it is best to maintain social distancing to prevent spreading the virus.

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