‘Cannibal Cuisine’ is ‘Overcooked’ but with human sacrifice


Cannibal Cuisine is a new cooking game with a twist. It is almost the same as the crowd favorite Overcooked. The downside, but instead of burgers, players cook tourists and sacrifice them.

Forget about playing Overcooked and all those casual Nintendo Switch games. Cannibal Cuisine lets its fans enjoy themselves as local tribals sacrificing unknowing people. After the player kills them, they then process visitors as offering to their voodoo god, “Hoochooboo”.

The game is a tad more bloody than the usual restaurant kitchen game. Even then, it’s no less fun with the stakes so high.

Rocket Vulture offers cannibal cooking game on Steam

This human flesh cooking game is an offering from indie studio Rocket Vulture. It will be available on Steam starting May 20, and the game is as gruesome as some players would think.

Cannibal Cuisine has almost the same mechanics as Overcooked. It even shares the same buttons with the aforementioned cooking game on Steam. The only differences are the prep work needed and how players work it out.

Unlike most of Overcooked, players don’t have your ingredients ready on a neat pallet. There no existing arrangement or professional kitchen except for obstacles. As tribals, everything comes from foraging, which includes local veggies and fruits.

The meat, however, comes from a nifty source: innocent tourists.

In the game, players would need to prepare human flesh. The entire crop of human sacrifices can come from anywhere. It can be anything from trapped catacombs to musty dungeons.

From here, players then prep the orders coming from the voodoo god. Once prepped and ready, players can feed it to the god and get a score. Even then, the voodoo god is a picky eater.

Feed a hungry voodoo god “Hoochooboo” human hamburgers

Hoochooboo cares about the details of his exacting diet. Feed him the wrong order, and the vengeful god will shoot fireballs that can kill the players. Feed him right, and he will bestow different abilities, like how players can breathe fire.

As the cooks progress, the difficulty of the game grows even harder. Players would need to deal with rolling spike traps and even a lava pit. Much like the Overcooked games, players would need to work harder to satisfy the discerning palate of their evil god.


Even with the abject disregard for human life, the game does not fail to be fun. It’s cute and colorful, even if it brutalizes innocent bystanders. It also needs a higher level of teamwork and leadership with its fast-paced gameplay.

Cannibal Cuisine is the crazy, dark but fun cooking game that players will surely enjoy. Make sure to keep it away from little children and have the squeamish look away.

Images courtesy of Rocket Vulture/Official Website

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