Capcom confirms plans of a ‘Monster Hunter’ for younger gamers

Capcom confirms plans of a 'Monster Hunter' for younger gamers

Japanese developer Capcom shot down hopes of a Monster Hunter: World Switch port, but unveiled plans of a new entry in the franchise geared towards the youth.

Distinguished video game developer and publisher Capcom recently held a stockholder’s meeting where several Monster Hunter-related questions were thrown around, some eliciting some pretty interesting answers.

According to gaming publication Gematsu, a question highlighted on the “Stock and Debt Information” section of Capcom’s Japanese website was particularly interesting.

Capcom’s recent Q & A

An investor reportedly asked if the developer had any intention of bringing the wildly successful Monster Hunter: World (MHW) title over to the Nintendo Switch. The same investor also requested that Capcom come up with a new installment geared towards a younger crowd.

Unfortunately for Switch owners, the industry veteran responded by denying any intentions of developing an MHW port for the hybrid console. Capcom did, however, reveal plans of a new title in the series specifically targeted towards middle and high-schoolers.

Monster Hunter was Dark Souls before “Souls-likes” were cool

Monster Hunter has never been known for its simplicity, with critics and fans both agreeing that the franchise suffers from a rather steep learning curve. Earlier entries in the series featured bare-bones tutorials at best, leaving gamers to figure out its complexities on their own.

This made the franchise start off as a niche market, catering towards an older crowd that enjoyed a little more punishment in their video games. Capcom made series a little more accessible with Monster Hunter: World, though its endgame content still proves tougher than most would prefer.

That being said, it makes perfect sense that Capcom would make plans to broaden their target audience by creating a more family-friendly version of the action-RPG that not-so-masochistic gamers would enjoy.

Monster Hunter Stories

This wouldn’t be the first time the Japanese studio tries to take the franchise in a more age-appropriate direction.

Back in 2016, the developer released Monster Hunter Stories on the Nintendo 3DS, a spin-off title with a lighthearted backstory, cartoony cell-shaded graphics, and a combat system that leaned more towards the RPG side.

The handheld title was very well received, even taking home awards for “Best Handheld Game”, “Best RPG, and  “Handheld Game of the Year.”

Capcom didn’t provide any more information about the upcoming family-friendly installment, but it wouldn’t be too farfetched to think that they’d be working on a follow-up to Monster Hunter Stories, or even a remastered port for consoles and PC.

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