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Capcom has more ‘Street Fighter 5’ news coming


Capcom recently announced that there would be more Street Fighter 5 news in April, right after the successful launch of their fifth season.

Earlier today, Capcom noted in an announcement that Street Fighter 5 would get a Spring Update livestream. The event will debut on April 6, 3 PM ET and will likely have more news about more characters.

Capcom reveals April 6 livestream

As per the announcement for the game, the livestream will talk about crucial details for Season 5. It will also contain some solid information for the recently announced DLC characters, namely Rose and Oro.

Fans would still need to wait for extra info about Akira. There’s also the mystery fifth character, which is waiting for a full announcement.

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition community is being unbelievably active over the past few days. Season V’s start is quite productive, with the ultimate joke character Dan Hibiki coming out last February. There’s even a new trailer for Dan out for everyone to see.

SF5 Season 5 also has Eleven out for the game. To those not in the know, Eleven is the de-facto random character of the title. He morphs into any character at the start of any battle, working similar to Tekken character Mokujin.

Street Fighter 6 still far away

For those who are excited about Street Fighter 5, Capcom will have its Livestream available on different social media platforms. As always, fans can find them on Twitch, Facebook, and Youtube.

Season 5 will be the final season for Street Fighter 5. Players are expecting Street Fighter 6 to come out, but it likely won’t be soon.

Reports came up that SF6 will come out around the third quarter of 2022. Other news sites confirmed the leaks, detailing a potential Super Street Fighter 6 coming out in Q4 2023.

Capcom will still be busy over the next few quarters, with a few more games to release before SF6. For starters, a new Resident Evil is coming out within the year. There’s also the potential Dragon’s Dogma 2, coming out Q2 of 2022.

For now, Street Fighter fans would have to play around in SF5, and it will likely be exciting. SF5 is one of the most content-rich versions of the game, with so many fighters available. With its mechanical difference from its previous iterations, there’s so much to master.

For more information about Street Fighter 5, it’s best to tune into the livestream on April 6. There’s a lot to unravel for this season, so players would want all the details they can get.

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