Capcom reveals more ‘Monster Hunter Stories 2’ details at TGS 2020


Capcom’s Monster Hunter series is getting two exciting new titles next year. Monster Hunter Stories is one of them, and we’ve gotten more details about it at the recent TGS 2020.

There were a lot of major announcements during the previous Nintendo Direct Mini, which was once again a partner showcase. One of the most exciting announcements was Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin. Like Monster Hunter Rise, the game was present during TGS 2020. Here’s what we know about the game as per its appearance at the event.

It’s a turn-based RPG

At the event, Capcom iterates that the game is not an action game like other Monster Hunter entries. Instead, it will be a turn-based RPG like the first game in the series. Those expecting a similar experience like Monster Hunter World or any other mainline entries could be disappointed.

In Monster Hunter Stories, combat is turn-based. Players will take turns with the enemy in attacking one another. It’s a classic JRPG combat system. In battle, players will be accompanied by up to two monsters, which they’ll have to capture or hatch from an egg on their own.

Character customization

Unlike the first game, Monster Hunter Stories 2 will feature character customization. Capcom notes that players will not be playing as Red in the game. Instead, they are going to be playing as the descendant of the character from the trailer.

Like in previous Monster Hunter entries, character customization will include options for hair, face, facial features, and much more. This will make players feel that their own character is unique as compared to everyone else’s.

Monsters old and new

In this sequel to Monster Hunter Stories, players should expect to see faces from previous Monster Hunter games. This time around, Capcom is going to draw some monsters from Monster Hunter World. In the reveal trailer, we get to see Legiana join the cast of monsters.

It’s not yet confirmed just how many monsters are going to be available in this entry in the RPG spin-off of the franchise. Fans are hoping more creatures to tame, though.

No release date has been set for Monster Hunter Stories 2 yet. However, Capcom did confirm that it will launch for the Nintendo Switch next year. For now, all eyes are on Monster Hunter Rise, but players shouldn’t sleep on this game as the 3DS prequel was well-received too.

Image used courtesy of Monster Hunter/YouTube

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