Capcom reveals ‘Resident Evil Village’ DLC on the works starting this week


A new Resident Evil Village DLC is in the works, as Capcom reveals they started working on it this week.

Resident Evil Village was the biggest hit of May, becoming the best-selling game for the entire month. Now, it seems Capcom is ready to give some more, as a DLC is on its way. They also confirmed a few extra details, including an upcoming multiplayer spinoff.

RE: Village shipped over 4 million units last May

RE: Village became the highest-grossing game of May, shipping over 4 million units worldwide during the time. They did so and sold much faster than the past three Resident Evil titles.

During an E3 livestream, Capcom announced that they are currently working on a DLC for the game.

“By popular demand, development has just started on additional DLC for Resident Evil Village. More info later,” Capcom said.

There is no information on what will come as a DLC for the game. There are no leaks or rumours that are credible enough to point fans in the right direction either. Even then, there are a few things that fans can expect from Capcom in the next few weeks.

For starters, Capcom will release a Resident Evil multiplayer spin-off soon. Resident Evil Re: Verse is coming this July. The game itself will be free for those who bought RE: Village and also available for purchase separately.

Capcom added more details for other titles

Capcom’s annual E3 showcase offered a wide range of updates for different games, including Resident Evil Village. Among the other games they showcased include Monster Hunter Rise, Monster Hunter Stories 2, Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, and Pragmata.

“We’re happy to announce that additional DLC is on the way for Resident Evil Village, as confirmed during our E3 2021 livestream,” noted Capcom in a blog. “We’ll have more details on it at a later date, so be sure to follow the Resident Evil Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest info.”

As there are no details that they gave away for the DLC, fans would still need to wait for more info. Development is still in the early stages, so some extra details should come out in a few weeks or months.

Even then, fans got a lot of information on other Resident Evil titles. These include Resident Evil 4 VR and Re:Verse.

Resident Evil Village came out on April 18 and received universal praise for its enjoyable gameplay. The game take a lot of cues from the good gameplay that Resident Evil 4 built. The game is available on all platforms right now.

Featured image courtesy of Capcom America/Youtube Screenshot

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