Capcom to release ‘Capcom Arcade Stadium’ this coming May 25


Capcom announced their upcoming collection, Capcom Arcade Stadium is coming next month, which will show off the company’s arcade classics.

Arcades are now only collectibles for fans of old games, and it seems the Japanese game company will capitalize. The recently announced Capcom Arcade Stadium is coming this May for PC, Xbox, and the Playstation.

Arcade Stadium offers at least 31 games

Arcade Stadium first came out for the Switch back in February. The collection had some of Capcom’s best and most nostalgic titles in its colorful history. For the Switch, it first came with a free copy of 1943: Battle For Midway.

After the free taste, everything else in the collection priced separately into packs of ten. The collection has up to 31 games, with each pack costing up to $14.99. If players buy the entire collection at once, fans can buy it for $39.99.

Ghosts n’ Goblins is also a separate game for the collection, costing a pretty $1.99. While the collection is as true as it can be with its games, there are a few small things changed. Many of these are improvements for the modern times.

Street Fighter II had a few stage alterations, with Fei Long now from PRC instead of Hongkong. E. Honda’s bath house doesn’t have the rising sun now, which is Japan’s war flag.

Capcom to release more content, more features

Capcom Arcade Stadium has many classics in its vast collection of titles. For arcade fans, titles like Final Fight, 19XX/41/42/43 and 1944 are all present. There’s also Captain Commando, Strider, Ghouls and Ghosts, and Trojan.

Capcom is promising a wider release across the new platforms, which will include the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The target date of release will be on May 25, with additional content not available on Switch.

For starters, players can “cheat” using Invincibility Mode. The setup is exactly what it says on the tin, allowing players to play in what’s essentially “god mode”. Players, however, would need to shell out an extra $0.99 for the add-on.

There are also display frame sets that adds themed frames. Considering these games were not originally designed for current aspect ratios, a frame would be useful.

The frames will also be DLC packs, which will cost $0.99. If players buy the Arcade Stadium between now and June 8, these frames will be part of the collection free of charge.

Capcom Arcade Stadium will also include the album, which will cost $9.99 for ten tracks. The songs are also available individually for $1.49.

Featured image courtesy of Capcom USA/Youtube Screenshot

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