Capcom unveils Dan as new ‘Street Fighter V’ DLC

Capcom is far from done with Street Fighter V, as the game is consistently getting more DLCs. At TGS 2020, the developers have unveiled a new DLC, and it’s someone that fans love very much.

The fifth season of Street Fighter V is well underway, and one of the first additions has been revealed. Capcom has been pretty busy at TGS 2020. Other than its Monster Hunter series, the developers also had a few surprises for players of Street Fighter.

Series fans will be happy to know that Dan is back into the game.

The resident joke character

Dan is known as the resident joke character of the fighting game franchise. In-game, Dan is known for having funny quips and actions while fighting. His attitude and overall personality make him one of the top characters in the series in terms of popularity.

Players have long requested the return of Dan for Street Fighter. He has been in most of the games, including Street Fighter IV. Dan is known for being open about his status of living. In fact, he often exclaims about his debts during matches. Despite this, Dan is able to air infomercials about himself.

Combat style

Capcom already revealed Dan’s combat style for Street Fighter V. He more or less the same quirky character that he has been the past years. Fans will surely love how Capcom developed Dan for this game.

Dan being the boastful character that he is, will often showboat after each move. It’s yet to be revealed whether players will be at a disadvantage because of his wacky playstyle. Based on the footage, work on Dan is already in the deeper stages.

Capcom already has most of his moves ready, as well as his taunts. No release date has been given yet, but Dan will be coming with a new stage and a set of new gameplay mechanics during Winter this year.

The developers didn’t reveal anything about the fifth and final character for the fifth season. It’s likely that they will reveal who it is by the time that Dan releases for the game.

The roster of Street Fighter V is consistently growing, and fans need to buy the next season pass. Dan is one of the best and most lovable characters in the series, and it’s good having him join. Fans are hoping that more familiar faces will make a return to the game soon.

Image used courtesy of Capcom/YouTube

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