Capcom’s anti-tamper features reason of ‘Resident Evil Village’ poor performance in PC

Capcom fans are not happy with the PC version of the game!

Angry Resident Evil Village fans have taken to Twitter, and they have shared their concern for the poor performance of the game on PC.

Resident Evil Village has managed to surpass the sales, and now it has become one of the hottest games to be ever released in the first half of the year. Capcom has already made a significant amount of dales from the release of the game and even selling merchandise in their store.

But as the days are progressing, fans are growing angry over the game’s poor performance, which can be seen for those who are excited to play on PC.

How is the PC version of the game creating chaos?

All the in-game shutters right from the start where players kill a zombie are completely fixed, which is why Capcom DRM’s entry points are patched out.

The patch layer happens so that it can become hard for the players to have a clear idea since most of the functions are never executed before. Hacker Empress has exclaimed that the pirated version of the game has a smoother performance on PC than the original version, which is diluted with the help of Capcom’s anti-tamper V3 and Denuvo V11.

Even though the PlayStation version of the game has garnered many likes over the upcoming months, the PC players are completely disappointed with the results.

The lady’s castle in the PC rendition is filled with stutters and pixels, which is a major disappointment for players who wished to play the game for a very long time.

The game has already sold a million copies worldwide

Capcom has not commented on the fix, but an insider has said that the developers have overlooked the issue and they are working on a better fix for the version on PC.

Digital Foundry has commented and said they loved the Resident Evil Village Console version, but the PC release cannot be put on a plate. Capcom has now been able to sell around 4.5m copies of the game worldwide.

That is a steady uptick in the number regarding the last couple of sales mounted due to the previous releases. Since the launch of the seventh installment of the game, it has sold around 9m of copies from all around the world as only 3,5m sold in few weeks of the game’s first release.

The seventh installment of the game also has a PC version which is much smoother and has a perfect rendition added right to it.


Image courtesy of Residence of Evil/YouTube

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