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Captain America officially arrives in ‘Fortnite’ in time for July 4th celebration


Epic Games is on a roll with its character crossover scheme to its famed Battle Royale title Fortnite, as it welcomes Marvel’s very first avenger right in time for July 4th.

Days before today’s official reveal, there have been rumors and data mining discussions about Captain America’s arrival to Fortnite. The Marvel superhero’s drop to the famed comic BR game comes timely with America’s July 4th celebration.

The announcement was published on Epic Game‘s blog along with an official YouTube and Twitter trailer. The devs made a very quirky teaser reveal, which Marvel fans may have appreciated, as it featured how Cap entered the Fortnite realm—via Asgard’s Bifrost, making a quick nod to the Almighty Thor.

Marvel Entertainment also promoted this epic collab, as it announced Captain America’s arrival to the BR game.

How to get Captain America Fortnite skin

The Steve Rogers as Captain America skin is currently available Fortnite‘s in-game store. This will cost players 2,000 V-bucks or an equivalent of US$20 [AU$28].

Apart from sporting America’s favorite behind, players will also be able to make use of Cap’s iconic shield as a Proto-Adamantium pickaxe in the game. It’s also a “Back Bling,” so players will be able to proudly wear it on their back.

This isn’t the first time Cap’s shield is making a Fornite spotlight. Last year, Epic offered it but just for a limited Avengers-themed mode event. It wasn’t an item for keeps after buying, unlike today.

To keep the Independence’s Day spirit alive, there’s also a Grand Salute Emote. This special emote will is basically a Captain America-themed fireworks. That’s one alternative for a July 4th celebration, considering the current global state.

Cap joins Deadpool, with Aquaman on the way in Fortnite

Fortnite has been wildly known for its crazy character crossovers. Last season’s Deadpool Battle Pass was a big hit.

With this season’s under the sea theme, Epic thought it is only apt to make Aquaman as a cover. The game’s just made the Battle Pass already available, announcing the theme to be Splash Down.

Cap is no stranger to the underwater—especially the icy seas— considering he got stuck there for a long time. A variety of characters is one of Fortnite‘s edges compared to all the other Battle Royale games.

Bringing Cap and Aquaman this season is a great fix to those who ever wished to see a Marvel and DC mash-up.

Featured image courtesy of Fornite/YouTube Screenshot

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