Captain America reveals the reason why he let Wolverine join Avengers


Captain America never wanted the idea of killing, so his choice to work with a killer like Wolverine made people raise their brows.

Regardless of the timeline, Captain America never really had a friendly relationship with Wolverine. He even has notable tension between his teammates.

While the phases never truly explained how this difference separated him from the other superheroes, new information revealed his real relationship with Wolverine.

In Captain America #30, Steve Rogers was asked about his teammates’ willingness to claim lives. When Sharon Carter tried to apologize to him, Steve Rogers stopped him and told him what happened was right.

Before that, Steve notably gave Wilson Fisk information about Alexa Lukin, getting her killed in the end.

Because of this outlook, he just removed the thing that once divided him from Wolverine. It also explained why he allowed the character to become an Avenger.

Despite being a soldier, Cap never considered himself a killer. He may have taken lives, as well, but never as frequently and gruesome as Wolverine.

After all, he was created to become a hero while Wolverine existed as a weapon.

Where is Cap?

Last month, Ta-Nehisi’s Captain America ended its issue with the #30.

“Since taking over the ongoing adventures of Steve Rogers, Coates has provided readers with a thought-provoking examination about what it means to be Captain America and introduced new elements of the Captain America mythos such as the Daughters of Liberty and the villainous Power Elite,” Marvel said in a statement, per CBR.

Its author received critical acclaim for turning Steve from being the most wanted man into the most looked-up to superhero.

After two and a half year run, Ta-Nehisi put an end to Captain America.

In terms of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the U.S. already found the new Captain America. Anthony Mackie, who plays the role of Falcon, became the superhero’s successor.

Although The Falcon and the Winter Soldier received positive responses, he was initially “unsure” about making the series.

Mackie thought that they could not do it on the television. He said that he “did not want to be the face of the first Marvel franchise to fail.”

He continued that it was a “huge fear” of his. Also, he knew the “huge responsibility [of] playing a Marvel character.” Falcon and the Winter Soldier aired a total of six episodes.

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