Carbon partners with TrustSwap to kickstart their token offering 

Carbon’s token offering will be launched by utilizing TrustSwap Launchpad, and right after the launch, a Uniswap pool is scheduled to be created at the end of May 2021. 

After this process, platform users and investors can officially trade their $GEMS tokens. 

TrustSwap will be using its highly-secured peer-to-peer transactions through TrustSwap SmartLaunch. 

This security measure will be used to prevent participants or team members from causing negative impacts on the market after the public offering.

Carbon and TrustSwap: A brief background

Carbon is a platform designed for creative commerce, digital fashion, art, music, and NFTs. It aims to support creatives all over the world through the use of Blockchain technology. 

TrustSwap, on the other hand, is a distributed platform, cryptocurrency, and protocol that uses multi-chain token swaps and other functionalities. This platform is designed to solve existing problems with split payments, subscriptions, and cross-chain token swaps. 

Additional layers of security

Carbon will use TimeSwap’s SmartLock technology to ensure that every point of transactions inside the platform will be protected from possible digital breaches.

The SmartLocks will be specifically used for team token investing, token holder vesting, and liquidity stocks. 

Apart from providing security to the transaction, the launching of the token offering itself will also be protected. 

The website that will be used for the launch will be protected with SSL certificates, Cloudflare technology, and VPNs to ensure a smooth, secured and successful launch. 

Details about participation

People outside the TrustSwap ecosystem who want to participate in the token offering are allowed to submit their applications. But legalities such as jurisdictional restrictions must be settled first before approving their application. 

Would-be participants (outside TrustSwap ecosystem) are also reminded that allocations would not be guaranteed by applications alone. 

People inside the ecosystem would be given priority to the allocations in case that the $GEMS token offering becomes oversubscribed. 


Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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