CARBON: The super global ecosystem for creators

Many creative professionals are deprived of an avenue where they can showcase their talent and other potentials.

They also sometimes find themselves without a place where they can utilize their skills and earn money from them.

But CARBON looks to put an end to all of these, as it introduces a marketplace that combines open finance, fashion, art, music, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

CARBON enables a community in which it can inspire, support and reward creative professionals.

The CARBON marketplace

There will be a lot of offering in this marketplace owing to a system put in place to ensure emerging brands and artists are given a fair chance to showcase their talent.

CARBON has a specialist team that hand-picks items for fashion, art, and music, including digital items such as NFTs that will be offered in its marketplace.

Exclusive collaborations with artists and brands for featured physical and digital items and new product drops will be done on a weekly basis.

Incorporating inclusive thinking, CARBON will provide its audience a diverse and cultured experience.


Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Chad Pickard said CARBON is, essentially, “an open finance wallet and super ecosystem” for the entire world of fashion, art, music, and culture.

Powered by the $GEMS token, the CARBON wallet combines Neobank functions like Revolut and a non-custodial smart wallet for crypto and Decentralized Finance (DeFi). This enables users to hold fiat currencies, crypto, and NFTs all in one place.

The CARBON wallet allows users many options to buy items that suit their needs. It’s a debit card, currency exchange, direct debits rolled into one — and more. 

More than just helping buyers to get what they want, CARBON opens up a lot of opportunities for creative professionals looking to make their own name.


Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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