‘Carnival Row’ season 2 delayed; Orlando Bloom focuses on Katy Perry’s pregnancy

'Carnival Row' season 2: Orlando Bloom requests delay due to Katy Perry pregnancy

Katy Perry will give birth in the next quarter. Orlando Bloom appeals to Amazon Prime Video to delay production of Carnival Row until 2021.

With the Katy Perry pregnancy, Orlando Bloom wants to spend some time with his family first. According to reports, he wants to give his family his undivided attention in the next few months.

What is Carnival Row about

At its heart, Carnival Row is a neo-noir drama with steampunk and urban fantasy influences. It is set in the fictional city of The Burgue, where there is tension between the citizens and the immigrant population. The twist is that most of the immigrants are of mystical nature, including witches, fauns, and the fae.

The series tells the story of Philo (played by Bloom), who helps in the investigation of a series of murders. He has a sympathetic attitude towards the fae, having been in a relationship with a fae named Vignette (Cara Delevingne).

Katy Perry’s pregnancy delights fans

The Katy Perry pregnancy news made her fans swoon all over the world last month. She announced the news herself through the music video of her song Never Worn White.

The music video showed the Teenage Dream singer gently caressing her baby bump while wearing a flowy dress. At first, people thought that she confirmed rumors that she and Orlando Bloom are already married.

After releasing the clip, she went on Instagram Live to confirm the Katy Perry pregnancy news. She hilariously pointed at her baby bump and screamed during the livestream.

Meanwhile, the couple recently had a gender reveal event for their baby as well. According to a report, Katy Perry  announced that the baby is going to be a girl on Instagram. She attached a photo of Orlando Bloom’s face filled with what looks like pink frosting on the post.

Concerning the marriage reports, it looks like that might have to wait. Bloom himself confirmed that they plan to push back their wedding date because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Carnival Row season 2 enters pre-production phase

Right now, Carnival Row season 2 is on pre-production stage. With a lot of things to consider for Bloom and the production crew, the show will not start filming until early 2021.

It was mentioned that Amazon Prime Video renewed Carnival Row season 2 even before the first season hit the streaming platform. The first season recorded middling reviews, only scoring 57% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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