Carrie Underwood, Mike Fisher’s marriage is crumbling: Rumor

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher have been married for a decade now, and it was alleged that the relationship might end soon. The reason for the collapse of their marriage is said to be the former hockey player’s wish to be a coach.

Carrie Underwood doesn’t like the idea of her husband going back to the rink. Although he is now seeking the coaching position, The Champion singer still can’t agree with his wish.

Mike Fisher allegedly feeling suffocated in the marriage

A report that appeared on the National Enquirer claimed that the songstress’ happy home might not last long. This is because her husband has been insisting on working again on NHL.

The retired hockey star is said to be dying to return to the sport he was known in, but he will be a coach this time. It was alleged that this idea cropped up during the pandemic when he was stuck at home with wife Carrie Underwoods.

Reportedly, her obsessive-compulsive ways have made Mike go crazy, so he started to think about applying for a coaching job.

It was said that he got many offers and already started looking into them. He even got one from Canada, his native land.

“He knows he’s a little too long in the tooth to come back again and play competitive hockey, but he’s gotten several coaching offers,” the tipster supposedly told National Enquirer. “This wasn’t exactly good news for Underwood.”

Carrie Underwood is worried the family will have to move

The is, allegedly, hoping her husband will change his mind about going back to hockey. If he takes the offer in Canada, the family will surely be forced to move.

If they will remain in their home in the U.S., then it means that she and her kids will be living on their own. Thus, what Mike wants will surely tear their family apart.

Is Carrie and Mike’s marriage breaking due to their careers?

Gossip Cop stated that the whole story is false. The details provided in the article were all speculations that have no proof.

It was also pointed out that if Mike Fisher really wants to be a hockey coach, this would already have been publicly announced.

The details provided in the narrative were also from an anonymous “source,” so it can’t really be trusted as well.

As for the allegations that Carrie Underwood has an OCD, Gossip Cop revealed this info was lifted from the singer’s interview in 2013.

At that time, she admitted to having been diagnosed with the disorder. However, she was clearly speaking figuratively. She doesn’t have an uncontrollable behavior that the report was talking about.

Finally, Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher’s marriage is intact and going strong. The latter is a good husband and father, so everything that was written in the story doesn’t make sense.

Featured Image Courtesy of Carrie Underwood Official Page/Facebook

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