Case of complaint under Bitcoin legal tender law El Salvador

One of El Salvador’s major opposition parties, Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front, has filed a lawsuit against the adoption of bitcoin as the country’s legal tender.

El Salvador’s opposition lawmakers are claiming President Nayib Bukele for ignoring the environmental impact of cryptocurrencies, who publicly declared the actions of celebrities summoning cryptocurrency activities “unconstitutional.”

The opposition party member has filed a lawsuit against El Salvador’s President Naib Bukele to sell bitcoin without understanding the impending danger it may cause.

The Spanish newspaper El Mundo reported that the National Liberation Front Farabundo Martí (FMNL) announced that Jaime Gevera was in contact with other people with similar tendencies and that they prevented the adoption of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin legal tender

Guevara, the deputy of Morazana’s department, insisted that the case should be brought to court. Another plaintiff, Oscar Atero, insisted on bringing the matter to court. People close to Gevera commented that the lawsuit was against President Nayyib Bukele.

The reason they acted is the shortage of a legal basis for adopting Bitcoin. They believe that the leaders of El Salvador have ignored the damage that cryptocurrency may cause to the country’s environment. Out of concern, Bukele asked the World Bank for help last week to make the BTC dollar lawful tender in the country.

The global moneylender has stated that it will support El Salvador in implementing its Bitcoin but will not allow it to do so because, in addition to transparency issues, cryptocurrency also has a dangerous impact on the environment. Earlier this month, El Salvador began participating in the cryptocurrency boom after deciding to make it the official legal tender along with the U.S. dollar.

Robs people of wealth

From that day on, the country celebrated this as an achievement recorded in the country’s history. At the press conference, Artero stated that the Bitcoin laws that Bukele hopes to comply with are tax-free. It thus decides to strengthen the plundering of the pockets of citizens of the country. “They want to force us to make a deal,” an opponent party plaintiff said.

According to a Coindesk report on Tuesday, June 22, he later went on to say that El Salvador’s highest judicial body, the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court, would support him. Vote for the removal of five Supreme Court justices.

The reason for impeachment was the failure of the response to COVID-19 under the supervision of President Booker. However, many people think that Buckler’s behavior is unreasonable.


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