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Casio reveals special ‘Dragon Ball Z’ and ‘One Piece’ G-Shock watches


Anime fans should be hyped as Casio has unveiled new G-Shock watches with Dragonball-Z and One Piece inspired designs this week.

When it comes to apparel, budget smartwatches are slowly penetrating the market. However, when it comes to timepieces such as Casio’s G-Shock series, the demand may increase once again as they have recently unveiled their medium to long term plans for this year.

Tech and gaming collaborations are becoming a trend nowadays and now, Casio is joining the bandwagon as their famous G-Shock series are getting new makeovers.

Casio has recently teamed-up with Dragon Ball Z and One Piece to add to their collection of anime collaborations. Their GA-110 models come with both these designs inspired by the main characters, Son Goku (Dragon Ball Z) and Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece).

Casio goes all out with a Goku inspired design

The latest design from G-Shock takes in a fluorescent orange body, inspired by Son Goku’s outfit as popularized by the anime, engraved with Dragon Ball illustrations as shown on its bands.

The watch’s band design also highlights scenes from Son Goku during his training and growth as the watch pays tribute to some of the show’s timeless episodes.

It is also observed that there is a “Z” motif in its 3 o’clock position and a four-star ball motif most closely linked with Goku on its 9 o’clock position adding finishing touches in the G-Shock watch design.

G-Shock pulling off a sophisticated design for Luffy

Looking at the G-Shock product website, fans of One Piece could see how much work they have put in this design.

Although Luffy is known to have an optimistic and cheerful personality, the design takes on a darker aesthetic.

The watch bands show alternating streaks of crimson, black, and white somewhat inspired by the color palette of his red outfit as well as the black and white format that is popular in Japanese mangas.

Viewing this watch from top to bottom, fans with meticulous eyes could see a comic strip showing Luffy’s battle poses from this popular series.

Another fascinating feature of this watch design is when the hands’ position to the 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock position, they combine with the two diagonal lines in the dial to form a golden “X”.

The “X” can also be used as a reference to Luffy’s scar on his chest that he got from one of his battles in One Piece.

G-Shock and anime fans can expect both the Dragon Ball-Z and One Piece GA-110 models to be released this coming August in Japan pricing in at ¥26,400 [AU$ 357].

Featured images courtesy of Dragon Ball-Z, One Piece/G-Shock

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