Cassie Randolph extends her restraining order against Colton Underwood

Cassie Randolph extended the restraining order she issued against Colton Underwood, a former participant in the show The Bachelor.

According to a news report by TMZ, last month, Cassie Randolph had filed a restraining order against him for installing a tracking device on her car, harassing her, and even went on to show up at her parent’s home uninvited in Huntington Beach, California. Cassie Randolph also claimed that Underwood used to send her unsettling texts.

Underwood allegedly stalked and harassed Randolph

Colton Underwood stalked and harassed her following their breakup. TMZ wrote:

“She claims he takes obsessive walks to her apartment complex and loitered in the alley outside her bedroom window at her parents’ Huntington Beach house at 2 a.m.”

According to Bryan Freedman, the attorney representing her, Cassie didn’t want to file the police report for fear of becoming messy. He said:

“It was her intention to first, try and work through this process privately in a manner that gives both her and Colton safety, security and respect. We are confident this is possible.”

Their dating span: Where it all began

The two appeared on the famous dating show The Bachelor last year. After the show ended, the two of them continued dating.

But, now things have turned bitter since their breakup in spring.

The split seemed mutual after Underwood’s Instagram post announcing their split.

Just a few hours later, after Underwood took to his social media page and spoke out on his breakup, Cassie Randolph posted three lengthy notes to her Instagram Story to address his claims for “public record.”

She had said in her Instagram Story, “I would like to state that I do not wish to create an online petty war.” She continued saying:

“Colton, your last Instagram post saddened me, but also left me frustrated. It seems you are subtly engaging in a tactic that peppers in aggressive comments such as ‘that obviously changed this week’ in order to make me look like the bad one.”

Later on, she even accused Underwood of trying to “monetize” their breakup.

FoxNews’s report clearly states that Underwood and Randolph told the judge that the former lovers are “trying to resolve” the issues between them “amicably” during a hearing on Tuesday.

According to the reports, the exes, Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood are not speaking to each other and are only communicating through their lawyers exclusively.

The court has now moved the next hearing to Nov. 6, 2020.

Image courtesy of Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

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