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McDonald's employees shot at its Oklahoma City branch

Woman opened fire at McDonald’s employees over dispute on Corona Virus rule

A disgruntled woman opened fire at a McDonald’s chain in Oklahoma City over a dispute in the premise that prohibits entry into the dining...
NASA says asteroid Apophis will graze past Earth's satellites

NASA says asteroid Apophis will graze past Earth’s satellites

Asteroid Apophis will do a flyby to Earth in 2029, and it's reportedly close enough to graze the orbital path of satellites NASA is already...
Prolific and outstanding COVID-19 researcher, Bing Liu

COVID-19 researcher bound for discovering cure allegedly killed over intimate partner

A COVID-19 researcher at the University of Pittsburgh who was on the verge of discovering a cure against the coronavirus was found dead in...

Halley’s Comet is about to light the night sky on Cinco de Mayo

Stargazers can expect an exciting month of cosmic phenomena, beginning with a meteor shower to mark a lovely start to Cinco de Mayo. Halley's Comet...
'Games Developers Conference' Twitter Banner

Summer ‘Game Developers Conference’ to go full digital amid pandemic

Still troubled by the same crisis that caused the delay of the summer rollout of the Games Developer Conference for 2020, GDC is launching...
Vacationers at a Hawaiian beach amidst pandemic; given 'perks to leave'

Visitors to Hawaii are offered ‘Perks to Leave’

In light of the ongoing pandemic, Hawaii is temporarily closing its borders to vacationers as it offers certain privileges for those in the country...