‘Catherine: Full Body’: Things to do after finishing the game

Catherine: Full Body trailer snapshot

Catherine: Full Body is undeniably one of Atlus’ most engaging games. Despite additional contents that further enrich an already solid game, the remaster is not necessarily an epic.

For something as engrossing, both story- and gameplay-wise as the game, playing it from start to finish does feel short, especially so among fans who completed the game in a single sitting.

But as linear as the game’s lore is presented, the game packs more contents than some might suspect.

See the Various Endings

One of the most common misconceptions about Catherine: Full Body is that it tells the same story with every playthrough. But this notion is completely wrong, considering that the game offers a total of 13 unique endings.

It means that, for those who truly want to squeeze everything from the game, they’d have to play the game multiple times. But as each end has its unique conditions to meet, that also implies playing the game differently each time.

In one playthrough, you may be seeing a route that leads to an ending with a particular over other options. But on your second or nth playthrough, you may choose to opt for another persona by selecting different options from your previous. You may even choose a route whether you don’t pursue anyone at all, leading to an ending that has our protagonist without a lover.

Beat Your Record

Ever feel like your previous performance was not your best. What better to find that out than challenging yourself and beating your record at the Colosseum that automatically unlocks post-game?

Do note, however, that the puzzles that will become available to you vary significantly to the difficulty level you played the game with. The easy difficulty may have you cruising your way from one puzzle to the next. But it comes with a caveat of unlocking limited stages. For this matter, you would want to re-play the game on a higher difficulty setting.

Play Babel

You do not necessarily have to finish the game to play Babel. But the puzzles you can play at depends on how far you are into the game’s story mode.

If you are the type of player who enjoys playing with your fellow human, the Babel will fit your liking. The game has a two-player mode that will have you play with a friend.

Another reason why you would want to play Babel is the fact that you can play a custom character in this mode. If you happen to grow tired of the default protagonist’s face, nowhere else can you switch to a different character than here.

As a bonus for playing the game on the Switch, expect to see DLC characters, like Persona 5’s Joker, unlocked by default.

Image used courtesy of Nintendo/YouTube Screenshot

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