Catherine Zeta-Jones forcing Michael Douglas to get face lift because she misses his younger self: Rumor

Catherine Zeta-Jones forcing Michael Douglas to get face lift because she misses his younger self: Rumor

Catherine Zeta-Jones is, allegedly, forcing Michael Douglas to go under the knife so he could look much younger again.

According to Globe, Michael Douglas knows that he has left himself go during lockdown so he’s willing to get another facelift. This way, he could also, allegedly, keep his romance with Zeta-Jones burning.

“His makeover is long overdue and he’s got the money and the time to make Catherine happy. He’s had facelifts before but they’ve worn off and he looks terrible. His jowls are loose and his earlobes are droopy, which all spell yuck to Catherine,” the source said.

Catherine Zeta-Jones misses the younger Michael Douglas 

Catherine Zeta-Jones misses the younger Michael Douglas

The insider also said that the actress misses the younger version of Douglas that she married 20 years ago.

“She loves him no matter what, of course, and would do anything for him. But she prefers it when he’s all pulled together, especially if he expects her to feel romantic towards him. Plus, he needs to shave every day and it would also be nice if he trimmed his hair and added some highlights to the dull gray,” the source said.

The insider also said that Zeta-Jones takes good care of herself. And she has also gotten help here and there to maintain her appearance. As such, she expects that Douglas would do the same.

Catherine Zeta-Jones breaks up with Michael Douglas at a funeral

Rumors about Michael Douglas and Zeta-Jones have been rife for years. In March, Star claimed that the actress told her husband that she wanted out of their marriage while they were at Kirk Douglas’ funeral.

“She put a lot of thought into this. Catherine’s been miserable for a long time – years, even – but she kept it together for their kids’ and Kirk’s sake. Kirk’s gone and the kids are gone, so there’s just no use pretending anymore. She stayed this long because she didn’t want to let Kirk down, he was so big on family and tradition. Life’s short and she wants to be happy and do what she wants to do for a change, not what others expect her to do,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, one should take these claims with a grain of salt. It is unlikely for Zeta-Jones to be forcing her husband to go under the knife. If Douglas wanted to get something done, it would be entirely up to him.

Zeta-Jones didn’t also try to end her marriage to Michael Douglas following the death of his dead. The couple is still together today.

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