CD Projekt Red partners with Rockstar Energy Drink for Samurai Cola

Cyberpunk 2077 x CD Projekt Red collaborative project: Samurai Cola

CD Projekt Red is making a collaboration with Rockstar Energy Drink to bring the Samurai Cola to life in the real world.

Essentially a redesigned version of an existing Rockstar Energy Drink flavor, the Samurai Cola features emblazons that resemble both the drink maker and the game. All in an effort for marketing that will see both entities benefiting in the endeavor.

Brief Video Promo

Making the announcement as appealing as possible, Rockstar Energy showcases a short trailer on Twitter for the promotion. In it shows who is presumably Cyberpunk 2077’s Johnny Silverhand “hacking” his way to redesigning an energy drink from his table. A vision that puts viewers directly on the lenses of the man himself and seeing the level of creativity behind the person.

The 30-second video shows only a single design, which sees multiple Samurai logos printed onto to it and has the label “Samurai Cola” for taste. But looking into the dedicated collaboration page displays other more designs, possibly for various flavors. Some even being less elaborate with style than others.

Intended to be a tangible yet consumable product, the Samurai Cola will expectedly be the perfect complement to enjoying Cyberpunk 2077. It is uncertain whether the same goods will see digital representation in the actual game, though. It does, however, present a positive prospect that will see surging sales for the product following the game’s release.

Positive Correlation

The stated notion is not necessarily something new, however. Tie-ups between companies that see a real-world product in games have seen a positive influence on sales. Such as with the case of Modern Warfare with Mountain Dew as well as Halo Infinite and Death Stranding with Monster Energy Drink. The latter of which drawing benefit from the product’s incorporation as a pivotal component of the gameplay.

Exclusive to the US

Sadly, individuals who are outside of the USA will find the product out of reach as it’s exclusive only in the states. At least, in the normal sense of being able to buy a few cans directly from the store. Which, if anything, could mean hardcore fans missing out on specific memorabilia that they could otherwise easily acquire if it was available in greater scope.

That is not to say that there are not options to procure a few cans from the United States. But this would entail means that may be unconventional to certain people, even costly in the process. Here’s to hoping that there’s a cheaper way to “smuggle” empty cans of the thing outside of USA for memorabilia’s sake.

Image used courtesy of Rockstar Energy Drink x CD Projekt Red

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