Celebrities who are avid ‘gamers’ by night revealed

Celebrities who are avid 'gamers' by night revealed

They are celebrities by day, but “gamers” by night.

Being in front of a camera is not the only thing that celebrities do. Aside from their respective ventures, some of them have much more interesting activities, like playing video games.

While it may come as a shock to fans and supporters, there are actually several stars who are avid “gamers.” Some of them even flaunt their skills and tout that they are great in the games that they play.

Mila Kunis was a “kick-ass mage”

It may no longer come as a surprise to some that Mila Kunis is one of the celebrities who love playing video games. As it happened, she was a “self-proclaimed gamer,” according to Us Weekly.

In a 2008 interview with Jimmy Kimmel, the Bad Moms star reportedly shared that she was an “active member” of various World of Warcraft guilds. But, aside from this, she also played Call of Duty.

The actress further shared that she could play video games for an entire day. However, she eventually gave it all up and put her gaming days behind. “I had kids,” she explained.

Zac Efron had a hard time dating

In the long list of celebrities who are avid gamers, Zac Efron reportedly takes a spot. The High School Musical actor even described himself as a “nerd” because of his love for video games and comic books. He also reportedly said that he had a hard time dating because of this. 

Zac Efron had a hard time dating

Back then, when he was still dating Vanessa Hudgens, the actress “almost dumped” him because he spends too much time with his gamer friends than her, according to Business Insider. She was “on the verge” of making him choose between her and Xbox, a source claimed.

Other popular celebrities who love video games

The same report also revealed that Kim Kardashian is one of the celebrities who love playing video games. The reality star reportedly loves playing Call of Duty with her brother, Rob.

Another actress in the list is Oliva Munn. As described, she is “every nerd’s dream.” Not only does she love playing different video games, but she also reportedly loves cartoons and her Pabst beer.

Rapper artist Snoop Dog and James Bond actor Daniel Craig share the same love for Halo. The publication said that they are not only celebrities but, they are also gamers who are even “addicted” to video games, especially the Halo franchise.


Images courtesy of (1)TheGamer/YouTube & (2)ArcadeCloud/YouTube

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