Celebrities rushing to appear on Kelly Clarkson’s show after avoiding Ellen DeGeneres

Celebrities rushing to appear on Kelly Clarkson's show after avoiding her rival Ellen DeGeneres: Rumor

Ellen DeGeneres has interviewed thousands of celebrities on Ellen Show since the program premiered in 2003.

However, National Enquirer claimed that these celebrities are now avoiding both Ellen Show and Ellen DeGeneres amid claims that there’s toxicity on the set.

Celebrities allegedly prefer Kelly Clarkson’s show over ‘Ellen Show’

DeGeneres’ alleged rival, Kelly Clarkson is quickly becoming the favorite of celebrities that want to be interviewed on a daytime program.

“Ellen’s show is now toxic. You are going to see more and more stars avoid her and opt for a non-controversial booking instead. When big A-list celebs want to promote their work, they have a lot of different options. Ellen was always the first choice, but now stars are choosing to sit down with Kelly instead,” the source said.

Ellen DeGeneres, Kelly Clarkson feud rumors

Ellen DeGeneres, Kelly Clarkson feud rumors

DeGeneres and Clarkson have been pitted against each other since The Kelly Clarkson Show premiered last year. Tabloids have been saying that DeGeneres is furious at Clarkson for stealing the limelight from her.

Another tabloid also previously said that DeGeneres is the one who’s refusing to interview A-listers that already appeared on Clarkson’s show. And since she’s upset with the singer, DeGeneres has, allegedly, been cussing at Clarkson.

There are also claims that while Clarkson’s ratings are skyrocketing, DeGeneres’ ratings have been dropping. And this isn’t, allegedly, sitting well with Portia de Rossi’s wife.

According to the source, celebrities just want to promote themselves and their projects. But they don’t want to get caught up in any drama. As such, it is, allegedly, unlikely for A-listers to appear on Ellen Show anytime soon.

Ellen DeGeneres, Kelly Clarkson rumors debunked

The tabloid also published a photo of The Rock, during his appearance on Ellen Show and The Kelly Clarkson Show. And they said that The Rock appeared first on DeGeneres’ show, and he guested on Clarkson’s show amid the toxic work environment allegations made headlines.

However, publishing a photo of The Rock to prove that celebrities that have appeared on Ellen Show are now guesting on Clarkson’s show doesn’t mean anything. Since both shows are different, celebrities may both want to guest on the two talk shows.

As for the rumors about DeGeneres and Clarkson’s alleged feud, they aren’t true either. Ellen DeGeneres isn’t furious for Clarkson for stealing her limelight because the American Idol winner didn’t do that.

When Clarkson first hosted her talk show, Ellen DeGeneres even dropped by the studio to wish her luck.

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