Celebrity sister of businessman linked to Bitcoin creation planning ‘epic’ Bitcoin short

Celebrity sister of businessman linked to Bitcoin creation planning 'epic' Bitcoin short

Actress Lisa Edwards has appeared in a multitude of US movies and popular Australian TV series such as Neighbours, Offspring, and Kath and Kim, but it’s cryptocurrency trading that she says has made her life “very comfortable”.

The Melbourne-based celebrity was introduced to cryptocurrency by her brother, Dr. Craig Wright, a computer scientist and businessman who has been controversially linked to the creation of Bitcoin.

“I started trading in about 2013, they weren’t huge trades obviously back then because Bitcoin wasn’t worth a lot of money, it wasn’t in the thousands like it is now,” said Ms. Edwards in an interview with crypto trader and educator Craig Cobb.

“I’m very comfortable because of crypto, I won’t deny that.

“I have a long term account where I’ve got a whole heap of coins and tokens that I truly believe in and I just hold those and then I’ve got a trading account.

“I’ve actually got several trading accounts on several different exchanges and those I’m jumping in and out, in and out all the time.”

Ms. Edwards gave Craig Cobb an insight into her trading strategies.

“There’s so many different ways of trading and you need to find the way that works for you.

“I use Elliot Wave and I use resistance and I use volume profile… It’s just about choosing what works for you.”

The upcoming ‘epic’ Bitcoin short.

Based on Elliot Wave analysis, Ms. Edwards says she believes Bitcoin will soon present an opportunity for her to enter into a highly profitable short position.

“I’m waiting for this next high, according to Elliot Wave I think we’re in a ‘Greater B Wave’ and then we’re going to see a lower low and I’m aiming for about 2700 to 2800’ish as my low, so that’s going to be another epic short,” she said.

“Up here, I think we’re now probably going to the high fours maybe even into the low fives, so that sort of pattern is what I’m seeing.

“The low, which I think will take a couple months to get there, so it’s not going to be an instantaneous thing, obviously we get the bumps along the way… I’m thinking that will be around sort of May when we start to turn and we start to climb again.

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