Censored horror game ‘Devotion’ is NOT coming to GOG

The censored horror game developers at Red Candle have said that Devotion will finally be a part of GOG.

Hours after announcing that Red Candle Games will bring the controversial title Devotion to a new platform, CD Projekt Red’s digital storefront GOG has reneged the game.

The company’s social media handle claims the fact. It claims that “many messages from gamers” have flooded their platform. This is why the company is not to list the game again in their store.

The controversial game gets a new start

Devotion has been the center of controversy since the last year after it’s release. A player has found in-game content related to Xi Jinping. In it, the President of China was referred to as the “Winnie the Pooh moron.”

The Chinese leader is extremely sensitive to the cartoon bear, to which members have continuously trolled him.

Even the movie Christopher Robin, which depicted the same thing about the President, was banned from getting a release.

Comedians such as John Oliver were banned from the media as they mentioned the segment from the game.

Devotion thus became a censored horror game after the laughs continued about the depiction of characters presented.

Red Candle Games issued many apologies

At that time, Red Candle Games has issued numerous apologies regarding the ill portrayal of the President through the games.

First, they stated “the game was pulled in for QA check,” or that “the Art Inclusion was a mistake.”

The censored horror game developers later issued a formal apology on social media as they said, “We failed our players’ anticipation and offended many others due to the said mistake … For that, we feel awfully sorry and devastated … Red Candle Games take full responsibility and bear all the condemns.”

In a newly printed report, Red Candle Games have said that in the aftermath of the events, some still possess different speculations about Devotion

Moreover, the team at Red Candle Games is extremely sorry for the mistake caused by their end, and they are ready to bear full consequences.

The team has said that they hopefully wish for a second chance soon. The second chance can help and show that the team and its partners simply want to make a great game, and nobody wished for the incident that occurred.

Meanwhile, Red Candle Games’ announcement is short-lived. The game will not be found on the said platform, will it in the future? GOG has not commented yet.


Image courtesy of Red Candle Games/YouTube Screenshot

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