Centenarian, 1918 flu survivor escapes coronavirus, earning reputation as having ‘Superhuman DNA’

Image depiction of 'super DNA' lady getting medical care

At 101 years of age and after having survived the 1918 Spanish flu, cancer, and the coronavirus, an old lady from upstate New York is getting the respect of many, earning her the belief of possessing ‘superhuman DNA.’

A resident of Mohegan Lake nursing home, Angelina Friedman confirmed of COVID-19 last month. Despite at the age where prognosis is bad, the elderly victim overcame her ordeal just last week.

However, family members of Friedman were not even surprised to the finding, as per WPIX-TV.

The Lady with Superhuman DNA

According to her daughter, Joanne Merola, her mother is not ‘human,’ suggesting she has ‘super DNA.’ Notion that subsequently sparked the belief that Angelina Friedman may indeed be not as common as she appears.

Joanne Merola continued to claim that Angelina is a ‘survivor.’ Citing three circumstances that would otherwise had potentially caused her death—miscarriage, hemorrhage, and cancer.

The fact that Angelina’s biological mother had died giving birth to her made her survivability even more interesting.

Adding further interest to her life is also the reality that she and her husband contracted cancer almost simultaneously. Only for her to only survive the deadly ordeal.

Angelina’s debacle with the coronavirus started last April 21 when she was hospitalized for a minor medical treatment. Coinciding with her supposed medical intervention, she was diagnosed with the COVID-19 infection.

'Super DNA' old lady staying at North Westchester Restorative Therapy & Nursing Center

At the time of the event, Friedman is already a resident member of Northern Westchester Restorative Therapy and Nursing Center.

After only a week of stay in the hospital, Angelina Friedman was sent back to the nursing home. There she was isolated to further her self-healing and prevent unnecessary infection to others. By April 20, she tested negative to the coronavirus, suggesting a complete healing.

After a Full Recovery

An avid hobbyist of crocheting, Friedman’s initial reaction after making full recovery from the coronavirus was to request a yarn. Joanne Merola corroborated to the fact that Angelina is indeed fond of making crochets.

Suffering with her own health problem involving her back, Joanne Merola has not seen her mother for a while. Making communication difficult between the two is the reality that Angelina Friedman is deaf. Her predisposition makes verbal communications impossible, especially via phone.

Whether or not video messaging is accessible to both Joanne and Angelina, however, was not disclosed.

Making a jest out of the situation, Joanne believes that her mother has the potential to outlive everyone on this planet.

Image used courtesy of North Westchester Restorative Therapy & Nursing Center

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