CES 2021 will go ‘all-digital,’ to return to Vegas in 2022

CES 2021 will go 'all-digital,' to return to Vegas in 2022

The tech community is about to witness another supposed big event to go digital as Consumer Technology Association (CTA) confirms a digital event for CES 2021.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is one of the biggest event highlights for the tech world every year. Of course, just like all the other events set to party this year have all gone digital. Still, without a COVID-19 vaccine in sight, it looks like CES 2021 will also follow the steps of Ubisoft, EA, Sony (for PlayStation 5 game reveal), and Microsoft (for Xbox Series X game reveal).

CES usually takes place early in January of each year. This 2020, the event reportedly gathered 171,268 attendees from all parts of the globe.

CES 2021 going digital, official announcement

Similar to all the other events, CTA has cited the ongoing coronavirus pandemic as the reason behind the decision to go all-digital.

An excerpt of the announcement reads:

With the growing global health concerns about the spread of COVID-19, it is not possible to safely convene tens of thousands of people in Las Vegas in early January 2021 to meet and do business in person.

An all-digital CES 2021 will allow the entire tech community to safely share ideas and introduce the products that will shape our future. You’ll be able to participate in all the awe-inspiring moments of CES wherever you are in the world. We are designing a unique experience for the tech industry.

With what the CTA has in mind, the CES 2021 overall experience won’t be compromised. Of course, attendees will miss out on the struggling experience of booking for hotel rooms near the Vegas event and the in-person interaction with the showcase.

Nevertheless, the organizers are coming up with “a highly personalized experience.” There will still be product showcases from all of its participants. Digital attendees will get all front-row seats to the keynotes and conferences.

Who will be attending?

AMD, Nvidia, and Intel are a few noted participants from the gaming tech aspect that take a spotlight at CES.

Other big companies such as LG and Samsung usually pitch at CES for their “new products ranging from televisions to refrigerators.” While the tech giants, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon have been seasoned CES presenters.

However, for the CES 2021 event, there was no inclusion of any names of the attendees. Based on the official press release, CTA might still be on a lookout. PC Gamer predicts the participation of major OEMs.

“We’re looking forward to welcoming the global tech industry, from international brands to budding startups, to kick off the year with the world’s most influential digital technology event.”

Meanwhile, CTA does confirm the return of CES to its usual Vegas venue in 2022. Hopefully, by then, the coronavirus has already been controlled.

CES 2021 is set to transpire in the first week of January.

Featured image courtesy of Delta News Hub/Flickr

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