Chain Games allows players to win in cryptocurrency

Chain Games allows players to win in cryptocurrency

Blockchain games are about to take the world of gaming into a whole new different level and integrate it into the fast-rising cryptocurrency trend.

Chain Games aims to redefine blockchain games and bring it to the mainstream modern gaming era, where it’ll be a great way to hold eSports events or competitive battles among friends.

Currently, winning games would only give players a boost on their ego, confidence, and bragging rights—not to mention leveling up their gaming stats. But what if you can have all of that plus earning something from it? A prize pool in crypto, perhaps?

What does Chain Games offer to the table?

Well, for one, players will be able to compete against real live players and get crypto payouts after.

The gaming industry has indeed become the limelight of entertainment, more so now after the coronavirus pandemic has forced everyone to stay inside their homes. Gaming giants have since reported the boost in their sales due to the pandemic.

With Chain Games, players will also have the chance to take advantage of this skyrocketing financial thread. Playing games would no longer mean just a form of entertainment to pass the time or a hobby.

Professional gaming could now mean a whole lot more than getting drafted into a team and competing on big events to earn big. Game developers could also use Chain Games’ platform to entice their games (which will offer crypto prize pool) to players, to offer a more competitive and a better outcome when playing.

Because of the Open dApp Store, “[a]ny developer can integrate the Chain Games wagering system in their game. After uploading their game, developers earn a share of the 3% rake from each match.”

Chain Games’ Opportunity & Revenue Model further reads:

“Third-party developers will have the perfect opportunity to supercharge their games by enabling Chain Games SDK gaming and wagering smart contracts in their gaming titles. Chain Games will offer a very favorable 70/30 revenue split on the 3% entry rake with the third-party developers and gaming studios. Third-party developers and gaming studios will enjoy increased revenue from an otherwise previously nonexistent source, in turn driving adoption and popularity of the Chain Games solution.”

This will broaden people’s knowledge of cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are up and rising trend that offers quite the opportunity to the public. Although more people are already using and dealing in cryptocurrency, there is still a big majority of the masses who have little knowledge about this.

With the future of cryptocurrency becoming as clear as day in the world’s economy, Chain Games will become a platform the young players on how to manage and grow their funds in cryptocurrency.

As we all know, it doesn’t stop from just earning crypto price pools; players would eventually want to know how they can increase their funds and how to securely keep it. This becomes a big opportunity for other crypto-educating sites to welcome more young ones to their lectures.

Featured image courtesy of Chain Games/Facebook

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