Chain Games allows ‘trustless wagering environment’ for video games

Chain Games allows 'trustless wagering environment' for video games

Chain Games is looking out to be a promising platform for players who seek a “trustless wagering environment” when playing competitive video games with others.

As mentioned by YouTube content creator Crypto Ellis, Chain Games is a “first ever TrustSwap launchpad project.” The platform is slowly launching, and it will be going live in a short while. It is expected to be “big and will sell out quickly.”

Readers are advised to learn about their platform as early as today, to be one of the first in line to witness a crypto milestone in the making. For starters, Chain Games’ concept will be integrated into its first tentpole title, Super Crypto Kart

The game is slowly rolling out and is made available to download on the website.

What does Chain Games aim for?

This TrustSwap project has a vision to “become the go-to blockchain gaming ecosystem for wagering on games of skill.” By using “decentralized, non-custodial smart contracts,” players will have a “trustless wagering environment” within any video game that has this code integration.

The key here is that Chain Games will take out the need for “middlemen or third-party intermediaries” during contests. It takes out the whole traditional process of managing the price pool when players enter a certain video game competition or an eSports event, perhaps.

It also eliminates the long waiting process of prize distribution as it promotes instant payouts in every match—in cryptocurrency, of course.

The company notes:

“Wagering on video games and other events should be simple and easy. One should not have to worry whether the other party will pay when a bet comes due and potentially engage in fraudulent or deceptive behavior by not following through with the transaction.”

The company’s visionary coverage

There are three phases that Chain Games aims to release to the interested public. Phase 1 is for its first-party titles—with Super Crypto Kart leading the debut. Phase 2 is the company’s Software Development Kit— CHAIN ETH SDK.

Moreover, Phase 3 is the highly-anticipated service, which is the CHAIN Marketplace. This allows third-party developers or gaming studios, such as Epic Games, Activision, and Electronic Arts, to have their games published Chain Games’ wagering integration and gaming smart contracts directly to the company’s Open dApp Store.

For Phase 1, which the gaming community will first witness, three key features are worth noting; SmartWagering™, SmartStaking™, and SmartBurning™.

The SmartWagering™ is the gaming contract itself, which is the alternative for “middleman or centralized entity determine game outcome or payments.”

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For SmartStaking™, it is also a contract, but with this, it “rewards all stakers on the network with 15% of the fees taken in on each game played on the CHAIN network.”

Lastly, the SmartBurning™ feature is set to “encourage user adoption,” making “CHAIN is a deflationary token.” Which entails:

“With every entry fee into the Chain Games network, the smart contract will burn 1% of the total fee resulting in a continually decreasing supply of

Truly, this is a platform worth looking out for. This is going to be a game-changer for all games that’ll integrate Chain Games’ platform. For one, the eSports scene would greatly benefit from this as they now try to adapt to online instead of LAN because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Featured image courtesy of Chain Games

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