Chain Games flagship title ‘Super Crypto Kart’ now available for download

Chain Games flagship title 'Super Crypto Kart' now available for download

Ready to head on to the race on a very competitive level and get a chance to win in cryptocurrency with Chain Games’ Super Crypto Kart. 

Super Crypto Kart is a tentpole title for the blockchain gaming firm, Chain Games. The game offers a level of intensity similar to that of Mario Kart or Beach Buggy, but with a twist—there’s a prize pool that’s up for grabs.

What do we know about Super Crypto Kart?

The game is now live and is made available for Windows, macOS, and Linux for now. Chain Games will offer the game on the mobile platform, per its website information, but it looks like it’ll arrive on a later date, perhaps.

Super Crypto Kart is a go-kart themed racing game. There will be peer-to-peer multiplayer battles; however, only the single-player mode is made available, as of this writing.

Super Crypto Kart is a “game of skill that allows users of all levels to race and compete against one another on the Chain Games Network for cryptocurrency tokens and prizes,” per Chain Games. 

How does it work?

One of the cool things about this game is players can customize their go-karts in themes of various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Libra, Ethereum, and even Dogecoin.

After selecting their choice of go-karts, players will be asked to select their preferred setup—race difficulty and game mode.

For race difficulty, Super Crypto Kart has Novice, Intermediate, and Expert. For the game modes, on the other hand, there’s a Normal Race, Time Trial, and Ghost replay race.

After that, players will just need to select the type of track they want to play in. As of this writing, there are 14 maps to choose from, or players can opt for Random tracks.

During the actual race, players should look out for traps that’ll slow their karts down and, of course, try to hit on those laid out power-ups to boost your gameplay.

The single-player mode, as of this writing, will not offer any crypto prize pool, but it does help players familiarize the Super Crypto Kart gameplay. It’s like a practice range for when the actual multiplayer goes live.

If players are keen on bagging those crypto prize pool, then practicing very often is the key—just like in any professional gaming scene.

For the controls, the default keyboard configuration is the arrow keys and not the W-S-A-D. Although there is an option to configure this default setup. It can be found in Settings and under controls.

Aside from the keyboard, there’s an option to connect Wiimotes if players have one and would prefer the use of it as well.

Featured image courtesy of Chain Games/Twitter

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