‘Chainsaw Man’ Part 2: Fans to finally receive an update

Chainsaw Man 2

Fans are now looking forward to seeing the continuation of Denji’s story in Chainsaw Man Part 2.

As the series remains mum about its second part, a new update is about to come that sends fans into a frenzy. Chainsaw Man Part 2 is now sparking a huge interest even among the non-fans with the incredible hype surrounding it.

The manga’s second part

According to Comicbook, the people behind the manga have confirmed its second part’s coming, though no one knows anything about it until now.

Tatsuki Fujimoto himself has yet to give any details about the series since it was first announced.

Fortunately, a new update is about to come, and it will be in the form of Jump+’s future edition.

“According to Shonen Jump+ App, it would seem that Chainsaw Man has a scheduled update for April 29th,” the tweet read. “It could be related to the 2nd Popularity Poll results.”

However, as it remains unclear what the update will be all about, fans are advised to manage their expectations.

The second part teasers

Fujimoto has also yet to reveal when Chainsaw Man Part 2 will drop.

Anyhow, as the first part’s finale has teased what fans can expect from the series, they may have an expectation as to what may happen next.

The major cliffhanger hints at how Denji will start a new life.

He will be balancing his studies and his duty as a Chainsaw Man, but there will be new adventures coming his way.

There will also be new additions coming to the series that fans are about to meet in the second part.

In addition, the continuation’s mysterious teaser image suggests a new Control Devil will come out after Makima’s defeat.

Chainsaw Man has become incredibly popular over the last year after starting serializing in 2018. Its hype then enormously grows after the end of its first part.

Chainsaw Man anime

Aside from Chainsaw Man Part 2, fans are also waiting for its upcoming anime version, per CBR.

Details about this adaptation are also scarce, but it may drop its first official trailer anytime soon.

Fans expectation for the series is now high, knowing Studio MAPPA will handle it.

The production is the one responsible for the success of Jujutsu Kaisen and Attack on Titan Season 4.

With these titles on its resume, the upcoming anime about Denji’s story may surely be pretty good.

The much-awaited series will make an appearance at the upcoming MAPPA’s 10th-anniversary celebration in June.

With this anticipation, what will be the big reveal about Chainsaw Man Part 2 and its anime?

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