Changes for Alucard and Miya revealed in ‘Mobile Legends’ Project Next

Moonton’s Project Next update for Mobile Legends is going to bring back some of the heroes into the meta. The previous update focused on Saber and Eudora, and a new one focuses on two other least popular characters.

Moonton recently released a new episode of their Project Next series for Mobile LegendsThe developers recently detailed the next heroes up for a revamp, and it’s none other than Alucard and Miya. Here are the changes that are coming to these two heroes.


Miya is the ambassador for the MOBA, but despite this, her pick rate drops at the high ranks. Players have commented that her utility is not as important as other marksmen in the game. With Project Next, Moonton hopes to change her skillset and her appearance.

In terms of her appearance, Moonton made her character model look more sophisticated and refined. It signifies the changes coming to her overall kit.

Miya’s Moon Blessing passive has been upped significantly. It allows her to summon a clone that provides additional damage at full stacks. It can also improve her first and second skill.

Moon Arrow will give Miya the ability to deal massive damage to a group of enemies. Her Arrow of Eclipse, on the other hand, immobilizes enemies for 1.2 seconds in the targetted area. Overall, the new kit enhances Miya’s ability to attack and escape.


Next up on the list of Mobile Legends reworks if Alucard. Alucard’s changes are mostly aesthetic, so players of this hero need not worry too much about the rework and how it will affect him moving forward.

Moonton believes that Alucard is best at dealing massive damage to single heroes. As such, they are going to amplify his damage output for single targets. This change will make Alucard more of an assassin. It’s a great change as at least, and he now has a solid role in the game.

However, players will need to be more cautious when it comes to team fights now as Alucard’s specialty as shifted drastically.

Moonton’s Project Next for Mobile Legends hopes to bring some of the heroes back into the meta. Based on the comments, it seems like fans are happy with the upcoming changes. It’s worth noting that there will be more changes soon, and along with Eudora and Saber, Miya and Alucard are just the beginning.


Image used courtesy of Mobile Legends/YouTube

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