Channing Tatum helps Jennifer Lopez move on from Alex Rodriguez: Rumor

Channing Tatum helps Jennifer Lopez move on from Alex Rodriguez: Rumor

Channing Tatum is, allegedly, pursuing Jennifer Lopez amid claims that the latter and Alex Rodriguez are splitting.

According to New Idea, Channing Tatum is willing to pick up the pieces of the World of Dance judge.

“He’s got his eye on the prize and has already been messaging Jen about a new dance movie. They’ve crossed paths on the red carpet back when she was single and always flirted like crazy,” the source said.

Channing Tatum interested in Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston 

Channing Tatum interested in Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston

However, it seems that tabloids are just linking Tatum to a slew of celebrities just because he’s single.

Last month, the same tabloid claimed that Tatum was trying to pursue Jennifer Aniston, but his efforts failed.

However, Tatum hasn’t, allegedly, given up hope that he and Aniston could be a couple one day.

“Now, he’s working with Sandra [Bullock].  She’s one of Jen’s best friends, so he feels he’s found his ‘in.’ Already he and Sandy are getting on well and he’s hoping she’ll be willing to play Cupid,” the source said.

Channing Tatum wants to hang out with Jennifer Aniston

The insider also said that Tatum would be thrilled if he could spend even just five minutes with the Friends star.

“He thinks he can laugh her into a date and that’s his ultimate goal. He plans on going on a full charm offensive with Sandra because he knows you have to win over a woman’s friend first,” the source said.

Jessie J breaks silence on her split from Channing

However, there is no proof that Channing Tatum is interested in dating Aniston or Lopez. There is also no proof that Lopez and Rodriguez are splitting over the recent cheating scandal that the latter is involved in.

According to reports, Tatum is single. His latest relationship was with Jessie J, but they split sometime last year.

The singer confirmed the split via her Instagram account last October. But a source told E! News that the exes called it quits months earlier.

According to the publication’s source, Tatum and Jessie J are better off as friends.

“They love and care about each other but just don’t work as a couple,” the source said.

As of late, Channing Tatum hasn’t addressed their split.

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