Chapter 14 will be the shortest in ‘The Mandalorian’ season 2

The upcoming episode, Chapter 14, of The Mandalorian season 2 will be the shortest in this year’s Star Wars series! Its runtime is now revealed.

According to Gamesradar, The Mandalorian season 2 will have its shortest episode yet in Chapter 14. Interestingly, the first episode in the ongoing season stood at almost an hour! However, after that, the duration began to decrease with each new chapter.

Now, the official runtime information for episode six or Chapter 14 has been out. And it will play only for 32 minutes or less! It might also become the smallest chapter in the show’s history since its debut in 2019.

The Mandalorian season 2: Future possibilities

After the premiere of Chapter one, the following episodes stood at around 40 minutes in the current season. The last one, The Jedi, came in 45 minutes after a length of 37 and 33 minutes of Chapter 11 and 12, respectively.

So far, last season’s The Child remains one of the shortest episodes.

While Chapter 13 finally unveiled the name of Baby Yoda as Grogu, it also introduced Ahsoka Tano! The character from Star Wars Rebels series absolutely delighted die-hard fans.

Additionally, it also teased three new and major characters who may appear in the future. Ahsoka mentioned Admiral Thrawn, who is connected with the Empire. The renowned antagonist might arrive in upcoming seasons or even at the end of an ongoing storyline.

Upcoming seasons and Star Wars connection

The way Din Djarin and Grogu, aka Baby Yoda, have stolen viewers’ hearts, it’s impossible not to imagine a third season. And it will arrive sooner next year. But even after that, Jon Favreau has already planned for future installments as well! So there might be a season four and five also! That will be insanely amazing to witness, especially for the fandom of Star Wars.

Right now, the reactions on social media are pretty positive. People are engaged with the Disney Plus show, which is the most important thing for any series. If there’s any show found trending on Twitter, it clearly means it’s attracting a huge audience.

And after Chapter 13, everyone seems to be curious either about Admiral Thrawn or Ahsoka Tano’s next appearance. Will there be a team-up of her and The Mandalorian? Are Moff Gideon and the Admiral working together in secrecy? Many big and crucial questions like these make this series so great to watch regularly.

Upcoming Chapter 14 of the Disney Plus show starts streaming this Friday.


Image courtesy of Star Wars/YouTube Screenshot

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